Twitter Files 7: Hunter’s Coverup PLUS Taibbi’s Supplemental Shows Elvis Chan’s Influence


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Matt Taibbi releases a new supplemental to Twitter Files 6 that details new conversations between Elvis Chan and Twitter executives about pre-censoring incoming stories. Who is Elvis Chan, and what was his role in prior elections? We learned that Twitter was a natural landing spot for many ex-FBI agents.

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Michael Shellenberger releases Twitter Files 7, which details the extensive FBI coverup of the Hunter Biden story prior to the story even being released. We discussed the unconstitutionality of prior restraints and remedies under 18 U.S. Code 241 in prosecuting those who conspire to trample our rights.

#TwitterFiles7 #HunterBiden #DefundFBI

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  1. When is J6th committee going to be held accountable for their illegal committee going against their own rules and regulations ? and get arrested for their kangaroo court committee before any charges up held against anyone by the committee of J6th; and the congress trap for patriots wanting to talk their minds to their representatives about the 2020 election that government doesn't want questioned at all ! and lack of defense of congress by congress plan !…

  2. Good thing, Merritt Garland will do nothing for next two years, but better news is the statute of limitations will not be even close in 2025 when that AG will be gone. Two years of investigations of FBI/ TwitterFITF- we will find out a lot about this! All the rest Facebook, now Meta, & all other tech companies in bed with FBI! We'll find out who conspired to write the Russian Disinformation Hunter Laptop 51 intelligence agent officials Conspiracy!!All text, emails, phones & correspondence by these to see the planning & plotting to affect the election & help Biden to win!

  3. When it comes about Hunter Biden the government is and was trying to cover it up and lying about it the lap top from hell, they called it because it proves that Joe Biden involved in Hunters Biden's business over sea's ! and the government knew it was true evidence and lied by their liars !…

  4. So happy this channel is going to hit 220K subs in the next few days. He got tens of thousands of Canadian subs after he exposed Trudeau's goon squad's sick text messages mocking the elderly native woman in the wheel chair and others getting trampled by horses. And even more after covering EU leaders abolutely roasting Trudeau's hypocrisy.

  5. That smug SOB Chan just spins the schtick with a smile on his face…

    He was being fed a script by the "interviewer"… one that's actually fairly easy to deconstruct, so long as you can listen critically, and do not start out preedisposed to believe the spiel.

    Robert's commentary is like a devastating cross-examination, where he punches huge holes in Chan's statements.

    The one thing that most people do not know is that there are probably as many people holding security clearances outside of government as within… usually at contracting firms that provide goods and services to the government, like defense contractors and think-tanks. Many of those clearances are issued by the FBI.

    So, there is a legitimate framework where classified information can be shared outside of government… and which is much too easily abused by political actors who seek to cover up malfeasance, and/or commit propaganda offensives against the public.

  6. The FBI has always been politically corrupt, especially in the counter intelligence division.

    If I'm ever called for Federal jury duty, I'll probably get bounced because in my experience the FBI needs to be cross-checked on every bit of testimony that they provide… they're that screwed up.

  7. Hey Gouveia! Where were you right after the 2020 election when Rudy Juliano and Jenna were crisscrossing the country at state legislatures and other venues listening to all the people who signed affidavits and testified about all of the ways our elections have been compromised and those digital machines that are hacking our elections in 30 states as we speak. Arizona struggled for 2 years to get access to them. Listening to this is like listening to them. RSBN and OAN were like the only people covering that stuff. Ever watch the stuff the head cushion guy put out? China literally hacking the machines. Ever see any of that stuff? Thanks for what you are doing with this stuff. Hands down better coverage of this than anyone else.

  8. Personally I think many people are looking at the State Actor issue, which is very hard to pin down in situations such as this, with the FBI/Government making the claim that they "did nothing, it was the private organization which decided what to do." I think we need to look at intent. "Did the Government have a reasonable expectation that by passing them names, tweets, etc that these would be suppressed"? If so then the Government is guilty of speech suppression.
    I mean do they normally claim innocence for all the live bodies they throw to the alligators because the alligators are private entities?

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