Twitter Files Once Again Exposes The “Censorship Industrial Complex” | Michael Shellenberger

Journalist and Twitter Files Dropper Michael Shellenberger joins us to discuss the new Censorship Industrial Complex.

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. It seems to me that we need a conscious people data base…an actual count of how many know their goverment(s) are working against their own citizens in service of corporations…what is the number…if it is large enough we need to call for the removal of all politicians who have signed policies that have cost lives and livelihoods…money can no longer be more important than people. The medical industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, and the agricultural industrial complex, have all paid politicians to do their bidding and disease and death has followed each big campaign…mandatory vaccines, cia assets and diplomats smuggling drugs into urban poor areas throughout the planet, false flag attacks to justify wars, and unmarked genetically modified foods that no one wanted, just name of few. For decades, the government allowed tobacco companies to sell cigarettes with addictive poison chemicals, and everyone said their wasn't any connection between smoking and cancer, even though their studies showed the contrary. They reveal the truth after the damage is done and the original culprits are gone. We have the lead scandal, the plastic scandal, and so many other issues, yet better alternatives exist, but they are suppressed by corporations and ignored by politicians.
    We have zero point energy, electro magnetic engines, water powered engines, and solar that can be used in the tropical areas more extensively. Why then focus on extremely polluting lithium batteries, more limited and potential just as polluting than oil. The shit governments and mainstream media pushes is a joke.
    I believe we should draw up a census to gauge our desire for citizens' arrests, to arrest all those who have signed policies that cost lives and livelihoods of the populist and when our numbers are right, move on them!!! What a trial that would be.

  2. Kim’s points and Michael Shellenger’s point’s are right on. How about holding our elected officials and these bureaucrats accountable. They are violating our laws, they have committed treason (in my opinion, because they all took an oath), they have tried to inject their extreme views in our schools, and in short they are out of control

  3. Good morning Kim, let me first say I am a fan of the show and agree with you on most of your view points. However I want to say as a media apparatus you like to use the term Democracy when you speak about the United States. We are not, we are a republic by definition. You are not alone when it comes to making this mistake. But I know from watch your content you like to be truthful in your discussion and conversation! Can you make that adjustment for the sake of honor.

  4. Let's be honest here humans will always end up in this quandary.
    First there is oppression–then a uprising—then a time of peace and freedom–followed once again by the leaders who started by fighting back against oppression on to become those very oppressors.
    So it is time for the uprising once again.
    This is why humanity will end up wiping our selfs out.
    COVID 19 was paid for and created by the so called responsible leaders .

  5. How in the world was it ever allowed to let the government elected officials govern themselves?
    This is the major problem here.
    If we get to create a new government system after the fall of America this time we need to ensure that even the elected officials are scrutinized heavily and punishment for abusing your power as a elected official should be very harsh .

  6. I wonder how many people who sling around the phrase/label "conspiracy theorist" know that it was coined by the CIA to try to discredit people who were saying that the CIA was behind the assassination or JFK and to discredit people who were saying that the US government had captured/recovered UFOs/flying saucers and even had aliens in captivity and/or alien bodies.

    Note to Michael AND Kim. The USA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! The USA is a constitutional republic. Kim says that sometimes. But I HATE it when someone calls the USA a "democracy" because our founding fathers despised "democracy". It's not found in ANY of our founding documents. So, PLEASE, stop calling the USA a democracy. We have democratically elected representative government. But it is not a democracy. The US constitution blocking the oppression of the minority by the majority is a HUGE departure from "democracy" because it takes away the biggest flaw of democracy which in its pure form is basically two wolves and a sheep deciding on what's for dinner.

  7. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the left and right have done a complete 180? It seems like everything the left used to stand for is now what the right stands for and everything the right used to stand for is now what the left stands for.

  8. As an outsider, I don't understand why American citizens who have been demonstrably censored by US govt entities don't just sue those agencies for violating their first amendment rights? Why this shambolic theatre of Congressional hearings which go nowhere?

  9. TAX payers Money used against them!!!!!!! so the money tax payers pay some of that money pays fbi and were in solved in blocking TRUTH !!!!! ?????? sounds a lot like murder oh wait PEOPLE do die from the disinformations ON all the BLOOD RESULTS that are being suppressed AS I TYPE !!!!!!! fudging lab results to fit the covid not to fit the man made SPIKE weapon

  10. to fauci and gates starting a war or nuking Americans silencing mentoring and digital fencing people is not going to help or save your LIFE you 2 are in the deepest darkest unescapable trap and you did it to yourself and you will be arrested to save your life IT WILL HAPPEN

  11. You are expecting that nothing will come of this, right? If you think Republicans are going to stop this, you've successfully fallen into the Security State's trap. This will be used to further propagandize Americans against each other and prevent them from blaming the elite oligarchs, plutocrats, and bureaucrats who have controlled and will continue to control MuriKans who will never care enough to end the U.S. of Fascism.

  12. i hate when anti censorship people side with the military complex and their imperialist proxy wars, both economic and military. the subtle brainwashing it takes to create a mind that can distinguish the need for freedom of expression, but cannot see how propagandized they have become, is so annoying. Please shellenberger boarden your geo political grasp of the world, and the many abuses by the US, lead by impossibly corrupt administrations, like the democrats or republicans.

  13. As I Kimberly A Sample continue to say ,.it's called an investigation , because you invest in getting to the Truth .and Truth or True to Facts ,never Lack Honesty ,, a Transparency Policy that the American people need to Demand it's still Time to (Face Off) For the Truth Peacefully (PODCASTERS) Truth Warriors. Each one Speak to one. Keep on Keeping it Real. A(COUNTRY) to Save. Along with the Children. Let's get to Work ! ON OUR MOVEMENT FOR IMPROVEMENT. Because All Lives Matter !

  14. If I was telling the world all sorts of things with a large following that leads them to assault your home, you'd have a different view today on freedom of speech.

    Unfortunately many people aren't trying to inform others, they're trying to create dissatisfaction for government with real or fake information. None of us are criticising actual traitors trying to destabilise the nation by simply saying everything they can to create problems, we're criticising the government for how they handle it.

    If a Kim Iversen decided to tell the public half of what was said by someone like Donald Trump, it would be jail for a very long time, particularly when actions come of it. When individuals are storming capitol buildings, or trying to harm politicians in their home over belief and none facts, understand why they see the problem we're oblivious to.

  15. A pretty good show, but I would ask the guest what our national interest in supporting the Ukraine is. It’s not a Democracy and they are not mor ever have been an ally. This country has found an excuse for going to war most of my life, and thus far the excuses were not defensive in nature.

  16. I'd love it if you could take an episode to dismantle the oft-quoted dichotomy of "left vs. right." It is no longer of (hardly) any use. At a fundamental level, it has always been a quadrant of political views. With economics on one axis and personal liberty on another. IN the upper left sociologists have traditionally placed "Leftist" tyrants like Stalin and in the upper far "Right" Hitler. In the lower "Left" MLK. Jr. and Gandhi found their philosophical home and Libertarians could be found in the lower "Right." The real landscape of today's world is really about what elites want ("top") and the rest of us working class folks at the "bottom." In the U.S. especially the elites have whipped up imaginary, battling puppets to draw the attention of the 99% away from an increasingly dire theft of the working class and a tragic rape of the planet.

We dont need to be welcomed to our own country

We don’t need to be welcomed to our own country.

AHPRA forces Doctors to break informed consent

AHPRA forces Doctors to break informed consent