Twitter files publisher: ‘Every conceivable wing’ of federal enforcement sent censorship requests

‘Griftopia’ author Matt Taibbi sounds off on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on what he’s learned through releasing Elon Musk’s Twitter files. #foxnews #tucker

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  1. Can't believe how the ACLU has degenerated. I donated to them years and years– only cut them off in 2015 when I suddenly noticed they'd become an actual enemy of free speech. They actually changed their bylaws to say they only 'defend free speech that aligns with our values'. So disgusting. In other words, you're not for free speech. Everyone defends free speech that aligns with their values.

  2. This is a ridiculous controversy. Silly. There was no state pressure applied. Information was supplied. Even if the government made requests along with the information, the private entity could do with any of it what it wanted. The government supplies all kinds of information to private entities and makes all kinds of requests. This is nothing new or exceptional. Pointing this out is not a "fig leaf." It is the nub of the issue. Now, for the governor of Florida to threaten what he sees as "woke companies" with loss of state ties and benefits, that is a lot more like censorship.

  3. This government is a lie. Our propaganda institutions have done well until NOW in keeping us UN-united. They perpetuate the class war which divides us and thereby protects them, out of sight out of mind. They know what is on the horizon which is why there is such a strong push by the CIA and FBI in all media to silence discontent and continue the propaganda machine. All very Chinese CCP of them.

  4. Please avoid the confusion , it is not the Government, it is THE LEFT, the so called Democratic Party, which spys, censor and controls the American society, thru their Agencies and Universities and MSM! Occasionally, the Government is Republican but they have ZERO CONTROL! Social Contract is broken, America is drifting….

  5. You have the worst political corruption I've seen in my 65 years. They don't even hide their contempt for the American people anymore. I've seen more despicable acts by the Democrat Communist-Marxist "Socialist" Party and their Pravda Media since card carrying Marxist Obama was elected than I have since I've been born. Add that Social Media, Twitter, Fakebook, Google/YouTube, is now the official Stalinist censorship arm of "the federal government" and corrupt Democrat Communist Party.

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Tucker Carlson Matt Taibbi Twitter files prove Gov was in

Tucker Carlson: Matt Taibbi #Twitter files prove Gov was in the censorship business in a huge way