Twitter Files w/Matt Taibbi, Lab Leak Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. Free speech is a dangerous thing at first for the Nazis and birds of similar feathers.
    This kind of thinking (people abhor free speech and commit to strict language codes) has returned and it opens the door for all the other opportunities and consequences we should remeber because we have seen that already in full bloom.

  2. Matt, thanks so much for your hard work,
    this is much about adapting to the current mechanisms of communication, including short tweets and Tiktok memes, that are cryptic and intransparent to older preople.
    We need to get out our messages in ways that are compatible with different age brackets, including youth.
    There is deliberate compartmentalizing. Colonial tactics here.
    Those who organize all that rigged moderation and silencing, have specialist teams for all sectors of society, and this includes the particular fashions of communication within these target groups.

  3. Without knowing the source & their agenda, credibility is lost. Taibbi has shown neutrality on many topics before, but Bari Weiss is a well-known anti-Palestinian
    /pro-Netanyahu shill for YEARS at the NY Times, & I know she's always pushing somebody's agenda!

  4. 15:33.. then it's up to all of us to figure out how to help yourself and others how to politely say, "if this, then that".. after two weeks of trying anything that doesn't curve the spread.. it was time to assess and after action report on the progress or regression.. bring back question and answer trials, or no more curve the spread anything.. I prefer people everywhere refer to Americans as Rosie the Riveter types.. NOT.. house arrest types..

  5. My comments were removed. Taibbi avoids 9/11 and chastises those who understand physics. Taibbi is fake. Greenwald avoided 9/11 to advance his career and selectively released Snowden's files rather than releasing all. Censorship by any other name…. Be careful who you are supporting!!! These characters remind me of Amy Goodman, and how she was used to drain off support for 9/11 truth among the PBS crowd. (Now she's on PBS.) Remember, you are seeing these so-called journalists' releases, not original documents.

    Wherever it comes from this is essential information, but wonder if it can't be more honestly done.

  6. "Imagine" IT, was "Simple." Imagine/Lady Gaga: "World Peace" IS "Quite" SIMPLE "Actually." NATO, the World Bank, and the CIA: Start – ALL – Wars: Biden/CIA are "Financing" Mexican Drug Cartels, to "Overthrow" AMLO Because he "Stands" FOR the "Mexican People" and NOT "John Kerry/ CIA" ENERGY SCAMS! The "Minute" he HEARD the NEW "House" would SECURE "Border" He ARRESTED "el Chapo's Son."

  7. These people colluded and put our lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. We lost a small business that we can never restore. Promoted false narratives that 2 years we missed our loved ones and funerals.
    They must pay for their manipulative lies for the sake of future mankind and bodies that govern us for equity.

  8. Go over to Sam Seder's podcast about this subject. It's HILARIOUS.

    90 percent of those people are crying about how Matt is engaged in PR for Musk, challenging the source and how it's being applied. They will also say it's "false." But when I ask them to show me why they believe that they never do provide me with any information of why they believe as much.

    The most common words used on that page are "Taibbi is doing PR for Elon Musk" and "Taibbi is carrying water for a billionaire" and "Taibbi has become a 'fascist'" and "Matt USED to do good work." And of course, they also character assassinate those of us who follow Matt, plus others like Jimmy Dore, et al, as "fascists," too.

    Polly wants a cracker?

    Fact is, those who say how Taibbi "used" to be a great writer are sour now because he's targeting THEIR SIDE of things. When he was ripping Republicans, they loved him. But now, he's persona non grata, as they are Partisan Hacks who smear him.

    This also happened to Julian Assange. When Assange went after the Bush Cabal, Hillary, the DNC apparatus, and Democrat politicians ALL hailed his work as "top notch reporting." They even said Assange should have garnered a Nobel Peace Prize for his "tireless work exposing the truth."

    But once Julian focused his criticism on Hillary and the DNC and their ilk, exposing THEIR CRIMES, he became Enemy #1.

    This is how it works.

  9. Hiiiiii Kim thank you for your down-to-earth and hilaric approach to very painful truths! I am having the flu right now so I watched this show in bed and I was too sick to comment but I feel a bit better now and I just wanted to tell you that I laughed so hard when you said that it's time we stop calling people conspiracy theorists because in the end you all be looking like an idiot LMFAO!!!! Greetings from the NL and keep up the good work!!!!

  10. I don't trust musk… What is his goal here? Is he gaining trust so he can act like putting neurolink in your head is a good idea later? He's said he wants Twitter to be an "everything" app, too. That could be a way to potentially cut ppl off from their money if banks were connected for when, say, your social credit score was too low or you were driving too much and causing "damage to the environment".
    I like what he's doing with the Twitter files in general, but I personally would have trusted it more if they would have just released everything and let "the people" analyze it for themselves…
    Just a thought as I try to stay objective

  11. EXCELLENCE KIM!!! This guy Matt has become a national hero for any honest person. God bless Matt T. I'm so glad he has the guts in the face of mainstream media's attempts at slander. Fact is they are being exposed as liars and nothing more than a propaganda machine. Journalists like you are the real journalists Kim. Again this guy Matt is a gift to us all.

  12. We have no impartial media, they’re groveling government shills. And where is Woodward and Bernstein? They were spewing their objections very loudly for the government, just like good obedient boys, when Trump was in power. It’s quite sickening what is happening in America. Worse, they have no shame whatsoever.

  13. Hey Kim! Did you know that there is a court case from 2020 where the Gov admitted they used a back door portal to censor Twitter accounts? Why is this now suddenly "news" in 2023 ??? Why Taibbi waited so long to "expose" this ? Looks like to me he was handed a bunch of docs to "release"…Something is fishy here

  14. America is rotting and this is too widely known for it to continue. We lack a common reality, have become incomprehensible to each other and can no longer communicate. Where is the common ground in such an infinitely wide divide? There obviously is none. This can only get worse and is getting worse by the day. This is just not working at all.

    Many people believe that America is simply too big and too powerful to collapse but many people also believed that about the Soviet Union. No one in 1985 would have believed that the USSR, the mighty "Evil Empire", would be a disintegrating mess in 5 years. I told that to someone last year who said "But the Soviet Union was a collection of separate countries.” What we have here though is a collection of separate realities which is a much deadlier situation.

  15. Matt hit the nail on the head when he said that he didn't care where the source came from,only that it was true. Truth is the objective we seek. I'm sick of all the lies we've been told in the last few years. We are becoming a Communist country.

  16. Here’s an excellent video below of Megyn Kelly interviewing Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei about how Kari Lake was robbed of her victory in the Arizona governor’s race. No matter how much chaos there was in the election the law there says unless Kari can prove it was intentionally meant to cheat Kari it can’t be proven that it was fraud so the election goes to Katie Hobbs. This is now an unworkable society. Just consider how many people there are like Kim and Matt Taibbi talking about this rot: Megyn Kelly, Dave Rubin, Bret Weinstein, Douglas Murray, Tucker, Tulsi, Glenn Greenwald, Dinesh D’Souza, Vivek Ramaswamy and many others. Too many people now know about this fraud and rot for this to continue to function as a country. This is simply not working at all.

    “Roadblock’s and Status of Kari Lake’s Arizona Legal Challenges.” (10 min)
    Megyn Kelly interviews Harmeet Dhillon and Viva Frei. Jan 2, 2023

  17. The United States of America stands first and foremost on its Constitution. However the Constitution is worthless without the First Amendment.

    The result of fa*****ct collusion of Government and Big Tech, and the persecution of Julian Assange leads us to the end of the Great US experiment in "We The People's" self governance.

    Peace and love to all.

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