Twitter INTERFERED WITH ELECTIONS Previously | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar discuss Elon’s claim that Twitter has previously interfered with elections.

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Written by Breaking Points

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  1. Interesting discussion and possibilities on the ever increasing and changing impact of tech on our daily lives. I believe, as it relates to the Hunter Biden issue, that Republicans had the computer well before Oct of 2020 and held onto this "gift" until the October 2020 timeframe to influence the election. Democrats probably hear the other side has laptop and decide to unleash their own campaign of disinformation to defend themselves due to the timing of the Republicans release of the story. Will be interesting to learn just what happened when IF the truth is ever revealed.

  2. Wow, crazy, something 'Conspiracy Theorists' have talked about for years.
    Imagine not knowing this was happening here after Egypt. After the 'Arab Spring' fomented by OUR intelligence agencies using social media.
    You think they're just social engineering everywhere else? The arrogance to think it's not being done THE MOST in our own country.

  3. If a platform blocks new stories from posting or spreading, that is interference. Under the guise of protecting us from hate speech and misinformation, the truth is being hidden. People need to learn how to research. Education needs to focus students on ways to develop critical thinking skills. Perhaps, platforms should take up that slack and promote more tools and educational links that assist in these areas.

  4. I can’t believe you guys missed the Twitter story about Elon asking his employees to re recruit the fired employees….
    Elon can say all he wants about how Twitter has not changed while he bans people for criticizing him and unbans the people that obviously violated the TOS of twitter…. Just change the TOS and eat the loss in ad revenue already

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