Twitter “Shadow Banning” Is REAL! – Twitter Files Vol. 2

We’re now on to Round 2 of the so-called “Twitter Files” info dump and in this episode former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss revealed how a secret group at the social media platform made decisions about shadow banning and otherwise “controlling visibility” of certain unfavored – typically right-wing – accounts. The evidence suggests the company outright lied to users and the public when claiming such censorship wasn’t taking place.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the outright duplicity coming from Twitter executives.

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  1. It looks like Mobsters took over America one hundred years ago. I'm sure Twitters been working with Google and Government for at least ten years? Who's slow behind the eight-ball? By the time anyone finds the next "bomb shell" smoking gun" our water will be boiling. At least we can talk about corruption.⌛⚰️🪦

  2. Jimmy, the left is not what the left used to be. It’s meaning is different now. The ideas of liberalism from the past are now held by the MAGA wing of the Republican Party. The right used to be the religious fundamentalists. That group has been largely sidelined or watered down. If you have to use left or right to put people in a category, then you also need to have a center. The center includes MAGA, along with people like Jimmy Dore, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greewald, and Joe Rogan, even though these centrists don’t agree on everything, they believe in free speech, freedom to protest your government, equal rights for all, and other basic human rights.

  3. The media claiming its a 'nothing burger' or that its 'old information' is nearly as shameful as the squashing of the laptop story.
    IF shitlibs had been silenced in this way there'd be endless hysteria about Twitter and organising of censorship.
    Now we see that blatant lies were told under oath AND WORSE that the FBI, DoJ, NSA were actively working AGAINST the president of America.
    How can anybody look at this with the weaponised State apparatus and pretend there's no problem?

  4. There is an account that I follow on twitter that I often have to search for because even though they post regularly and I interact with them regularly, the algorithm rarely places them in my feed. They have a pinned tweet that I like every single time I go to their feed because it’s constantly removed. I’ve had to have liked that tweet a hundred times by now. When I then go to my own profile and tap “replies and likes”, that post never shows up. That was all the evidence I needed to know shadowbanning was real. It’s still the case, so Elon has work to do yet.

  5. All the MSM does this and they don't let you have true pseudo- anonymous commenting. Same for the BlackRock and Vanguard financed big spy on the citizenry tech. They always require hard identity information somewhere in their registration processes. No anonymity, no freedom.

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