Twitter’s Plan To DESTROY Libs Of Tik Tok

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In this video I discuss the second drop of the Twitter files. I explain how the 1st drop may have been undercut but this 1 identifies many people censored by Twitter and the methods used. Also I go over the plot from within Twitter’s secret censorship board to ban Libs Of Tik Tok
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  1. It's the difference between "Conspiracy Theory " & "Conspiracy."

    One we can all have a pretty good idea about dur to coincidence and unexplained happenings.

    But when all the information is laid out from a reliable source the Conspiracy no longer can be treated as some fringe mass delusion.

  2. When you say students who had their schools closed are " falling behind" falling behind on what exactly? I'm not for the lockdowns I am just against public schools I don't think they teach you anything you can't just learn by happen stance by being a child growing up in this current world with good parents

  3. Thanks to Mr.Musk, we now know that if it looks like a "shadowban", sounds like a "shadowban", smells like a "shadowban", tastes like a "shadowban" and feels like a "shadowban", it is a "shadowban". Who´d buy youtube (or even the whole Alphabet next), there might be interesting things inside as well? It might have been on another channel´s comments about twitterfiles, that it was NOT a wonder, that the whole leftie-globalist woke establishment/corpocrazy tried to destroy Mr.Musk´s attempt to buy twitter, they of course knew this would come out. Now, how to avoid their damage control being effective?

  4. As an OF model, I stand 100% behind the push against censorship and shadow banning. We deal with the full brunt of this crap from socials. Been accused of impersonating myself, being a minor after verifying, spam when I barely post, been told I had more strikes than I actually had, etc. What they put on you they experimented it on us. The new thing coming is that you can't send photos on insta. You can post, but your DMs are useless.

  5. It would be nice Sean, if you would be more careful to distinguish between past and present tense. In the title description and at least once at the beginning of this video, you use the present tense as if the censoring of information that WAS the former policy of Twitter (pre-Elon Musk), is currently happening under Elon’s watch. WTF is that all about?
    No worries, fix this, we still love ya Sean.

  6. What we are learning is the far left is the left and its people pretend they dont know that they are evil, they are an end of the world cult aborting babies using young dumb women to do so as they are easily socially manipulated and can be useful idiots as they are caregivers no matter what they treat most things like they are infants and protect no matter what the outcomes – dont believe me look at open boarders its literal suicide for the feel goods

  7. Something weird about a YouTube commercial I get very often, it displays a rainbow asking “Are You Gay?”… now I don’t care, doesn’t even offend me and actually I clicked it once just to have “fun” and see if I was “really gay”… but of course it was nothing but adds and propaganda for the company selling stuff and absolutely no “test” visible 😂
    Now I don’t really care, but I’m curious how many others are getting this. I watch mostly right wing stuff but I also watch humor and reference vids or low sub channels doing skits or reviews and I support them. My guess is my ratio of right wing stuff triggered something in YouTube to try and bother or upset me. I kept reporting it, saying in my note I wasn’t offended but it was a lying add claiming one thing but leading to something else. Over the course of this year I’ve reported 4 times, seen it on screen hundreds of times and no idea why they would me that. Would be like trying to sell an ancient spear to a hunter with a modern gun. There’s just no reasoning or point 🤣🤪

  8. Leftist media after the first twitter expo:
    "Twitter files are a nothing burger!! Nothing to see here!!"

    …aaaand then we find out there's a leftist lawyer checking the documents working as a covert bottle neck of censor in between Musk and the press. You can't make this stuff up folks, it's like a goddamn movie.

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