U.S. Official LOVES Ukraine Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

U.S. diplomat and security advisor Paul Massaro is a HUGE supporter of Ukraine in the war against Russia, and that means he’s also a huge supporter of the militant group fighting to repel the Russians known as the Azov Battalion. The fact that Azov has long been recognized as a neo-Nazi group doesn’t seem to faze Massaro, who recently posted an image of himself proudly showing off the new Azov Battalion flag he’d received in the mail.

Guest host Aaron Maté speaks with author and journalist Lev Golinkin about Massaro’s support for such widely acknowledged neo-Nazis as well as their World War II-era leader, Nazi collaborator and mass murderer Stepan Bandera.

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  1. In USSR and in Ukraine prior to 2014, Western Ukrainians were allowed to keep their values of bowing down to Bandera monument and such. Since 2014, the Western values were brought to the rest of Ukraine with monuments of Bandera and Shukhevich, renaming streets in their names. 24/7 propaganda was filling the ears of Ukrainians about how bad Russia is to confuse them and take their ideals away. It was a swap of values that is still in progress.

  2. Hey my fellow Jew brother!

    Zelenskyy (Mr. Green in Russian) is killing thousands. On my paternal side 90% of highly huge Jewish family (Mostly Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and some Russian), perished at the hands of what the news calls today, “The Azov Battalion” (it more like CORP or what’s left is like a squad now). They also called these MFs NEO. There is nothing NEO about them. Their hero is Adolf Hitler and their local hero in Ukraine in is Stephan Bandera, he is the one that put my family in trains to death camps. These are their descends. I lived in Russia for eight years and went to Ukraine many times, in fact most of the former USSR countries in general. I actually visited the shtetls (village) now in ruins of where my family lived. Not once did I see a tattoo with these old symbols during my visits there, the called me, “churna zopa” black ass.

    During visits to Kyiv and Lviv, the tattoos of the those two leader and all the other regalia associate with that regime was everywhere. I can assure of one thing my family are rolling in their MASS graves. A fellow Jewish (Mr. Green is Russian) man that three years ago could hardly speak Ukrainian (I speak better Ukrainian than he those) and now with a thick Russian accent, is leading that country. It is he, that is was put into power in coup de tat, during a color revolution in 2013 and away from a dueling elected Viktor Yanukovych Maidan. He was elected, not that fucken clown Zelenskyy. He want a million dollars to do Amex adds. Second rate fucken clown and lived in a shitting apartment three blocks from me in Moscow.

  3. Oh FFS Jimmy stop sounding like a shitlib. The Azov betallionen is funded by a Jewish oligarch and they only use the Swazi cause to them it's symbolic of the resistance against the USSR.
    Zelinsky is a jew to, so do you really think he'd have national socialist working for him??
    God this whole coverage is so cringe I wanna puke.
    Do better than this.

  4. Imagine, just imagine that Ukraine Nazis win this war. Just imagine. How fast do you think Nazi ideology and power will spread all across the Europe and the Rest of the World?? That's the main reason why Russia will never allow it to happen as every single Russian remembers vividly what happened in WW2 and every family have lost family members fighting Nazi scum.

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