U.S. Puppet Juan Guaidó OUT As Pretend Venezuelan President

U.S. puppet and fake Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó is out, victim of a vote by his fellow opposition party representatives to remove him from (non) power and dissolve the shadow government that sought to challenge legitimate President Nicolas Maduro’s administration.

Guest host Aaron Maté speaks with journalist Anya Parampil, author of the forthcoming book Corporate Coup, about Guaidó’s pretend reign and US efforts to prop him up, all while waging economic warfare against the Venezuelan state.

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  1. Guido aside, all countries need investment to raise their standard of living. So when you 'socialize' the investments then the investors should be compensated. To just take the 'investment' is short term politics and long term suicide. Investors will demand higher and higher returns when your history shows contempt for rule of law.

    During the formation of the country, Alexander Hamilton aided the enemy and left the country vulnerable. In 1832 the battle was won but the war was lost because the politicians lack knowledge of the enemy's operations. They left the counterfeiting process intact.
    in 1913 a full frontal attack by the enemy left the country defenseless. The primary weapon was not guns or bullets. It was the Promissory Note. Counterfeit money is created out of thin air based on someone's promise to pay.

    The enemy used assassinations, blackmail, bribery, monetary counterfeiting, social engineering, economic collapses, and false flags to carry out an agenda under a particular narrative.

    By 2022 America was captured
    The enemy counterfeited almost all the money in circulation
    Counterfeit was not directly used by the enemy but lent as debt laundering the money through interest and fees. This counterfeiting process allowed them to control the economy. The small amount of money that was created by the Treasury / FED was based on debt securities.

    Stats: The Story so far

    1) The enemy created 19 trillion dollars of counterfeit money and as a consequence Americans have personal debt of 16 trillion dollars. where the enemy collects 1 trillion dollars a year in interest and fees.

    2) With the control of the economy came the control of all large publicly traded corporations using asset management firms.

    3) This control included all large media corporations. The media used specially designed social engineering science to hypnotically keep people attracted to a particular political idealogy.

    4) The enemy was now able to manage almost as much money as the entire GNP of the nation, approximately 20 trillion dollars

    5) No politician can counter 20 trillion dollars, particularly when the politicians themselves do not understand the methodology used by than banks for counterfeiting money, and the vocabulary used in the constitution.

    6) The enemy infiltrated learning institutions. Of the 4000 universities and colleges in the USA not one will teach you accurately how most of the money we used is counterfeited. Or the true nature of the Federal Income Tax, i.e a working knowledge of a direct and indirect tax.
    The bank money creation is explained here:

    A) Consumer seeking a loan from a commercial bank is approved and signs a promise-to-pay contract (Promissory note).
    B) The promissory note is deposited in a transaction account, and upon that deposit, the money is created out of nothing, and a check is issued to the consumer.
    C) The Bank's balance sheet is still negative but as the payments are made this is resolved. The transaction account is closed and the promissory note no longer has any value. However, the banks do keep the associated fees and interest.
    D) There are a series of issues with this system, and one is that it undermines Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5. because it allows the bank's counterfeit money to compete with Government money. But most importantly, it allows the banks to control the economy.

    7) No institution will detail how the Federal Reserve/treasury with only 2.2 trillion FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and coins is able to accrue 31 trillion dollars of public debt.

    😎 Counterfeit money is only as good as what it can buy, therefore, the perpetual wars (forever wars). The object is to infiltrate a country. control the government, the media (and in particular TV), and attached the resources of that country to the counterfeit bank-created money.

  3. From the very start Guaido was a disaster, but it was not his fault alone, the fault was the hubris neocons. In the last ten years or so, the neocons have been famous for choosing disastrous puppet leaders and the most terrible ways of carrying out their projects. So making Guaido president of Venezuela is not their worst project, and Zelenskiy is not their worst puppet, the worst puppet truly is Joe Biden and their worst project is picking on Russia near the Russian boarders. The neocons are destroying themselves (which is very welcome) and proving the US to be a laughable and incompetent power that it is.

  4. I appreciate Anya's noting Guaido was "a tapeworm" to the opposition as well as the country of Venezuela as a whole . . . a useless person with no credibility in the country with only a tiny following of far rightist morons. I've lived in Latin America when younger and one thing most yanquis don't understand is that when the US tries to put in these puppets, most Central and South Americans are aware of what Chile was with under Pinochet, etc., & don't want to live under a corrupt, sleazy, crypto-fascist puppet regime of the US!! Yes, the US caused Venezuelans a huge amount of pain and misery. That does not make them want to roll over and allow the US to totally take over and make their lives even poorer and worse!!

  5. The argument presented here is too complex to be true. Here is my interpretation. The global economy has needed oil since the Ukraine war. Now that Russian oil has been sanctioned, the US in particular has been examining other sources, Bingo! It's with Venezuela. However, US sanctions against Venezuela mean they cannot get hold of the oil they need. So, best to add a sweetener, and remove Juan Guiado, The Pretender. By recognising the legitimate president of Venezuela, President Maduro, they are hoping to encourage Venezuela to sell her oil cheaply to the West. The US only gets involved for territory or resources — not for who is president or not! Guiado is now an unknown entity, preferably, not to be seen with.


Back in 2014 CNN made this reportage about the US-backed government in Kiev attacking its own civilians in Donetsk – still part of Ukraine back then… Still think their referendum to join Russia was staged? (

Thousands Of Ukrainian Deaths CENSORED From European Commission Heads Speech

Thousands Of Ukrainian Deaths CENSORED From European Commission Head’s Speech!