U.S. Sends Troops To Taiwan!

The U.S. has sent another 200 soldiers — described as “trainers” — to Taiwan in the latest provocative move aimed at sending a message to China. China’s growing economy and increasingly powerful role on the international stage represents a threat to the unipolar world ruled over by the United States, and a possible war with China over Taiwan may be the only option available to U.S. leaders to downgrade this emerging power.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou about the insane push to the brink of war between the U.S. and China.

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  1. What about the weapons bought and paid for that have yet to be delivered ? Bidens admin holding them back ? Biden is like the CCP , soldiers mean nothing but cannon fodder ? Afghanistan proved that ? I would rather trust the Japanese than Commie Biden and his pals in the CCP ?

  2. Anyone heard of the new Jim Crow style laws they are trying to pass in Mississippi? I didn’t know until a friend told me. I looked it up and it’s true. I just would like to hear from a trustworthy source like Jimmy or any of the people who watch. I don’t trust what they say on MSM outlets. It’s always dems blaming rep and vice versa.

  3. Wait a minute If president trump cannot make a phone call to Taiwan Without the media going crazy how can joe Biden Take a trip there Kind of a double standard isn't it CNN made a huge deal out of it the phone call But you notice their tongues are tied now they have nothing to say Boycott CNN turn them off their liars

  4. Why anyone would put joe Biden in charge of sending troops out Are crazy this man is nuts this is why he broke into president trump home He wasn't looking for documents he was looking for nuclear codes. And it's my right to believe whatever I want to be Because I am a free

  5. If we do not get joe Biden out of the white house he will destroy America before 2024 ever gets here that is obvious We will collapse Because of joe Biden Because he's stupid he's not smart enough to run a country Most of America knew this and of course other countries are going to destroy America because they're sick of America's politics and threatening and strong arming the world plan big tough guy that's joe Biden I have a feeling the world is about to show him how tough he is Unfortunately America Will pay the price. If we could get rid of the politicians in America We could have a wonderful country it's the politicians that have destroyed America And the sickest part of all They elected themselves most of them America didn't pick them They elected themselves . the worst of the bunch Joe Biden put into office not the American people.

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