U.S Troops Headed To Ukraine w/ Patriot Missiles?!?

Early in the Ukraine war the U.S. military ruled out the possibility of sending Patriot missiles to aid in the Ukrainians’ war effort because these systems are highly complicated and would have required either months of training for Ukrainian soldiers or deployment of American soldiers. But now that’s all changed and President Biden has signed an order to send Patriots to Ukraine. So does this mean that these weapons will be operated by poorly trained Ukrainians or that US troops will, in fact, be directly involved in the conflict?

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Patriot missile system’s lackluster record of effectiveness and the massive costs associated with sending these weapons to Ukraine.

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  1. By now, folks should have already known Ellensky's trick in his requests or demands or why the war is being prolonged.
    It doesn't matter if the weapon work or not, or if they have people to operate them. All they care is that the more sophisticated the weapons are, the higher the price they will fetch when they sell it…to others. Sure, they will fire a few, just to show that they actually use them but did anyone actually count or ask, how many was provided and how many was used?

  2. The Patriot does not work but US troops will man it. So that means US troops will be killed right away, because they make a gigantic signature for Russian anti-missile systems. The missile systems and their crews will be destroyed almost as soon as they are fired.
    Hey is Russia “outspending the US” and will the US collapse like the Soviet Union?

  3. I think they “did suck” but now are rather competent if not insanely expensive

    Think Spending A Million + Dollars to intercept missiles which might cost 20k

    “Ballistic Missiles” aren’t what Russia is using to dismantle the Ukraine and NATO troops fighting there.

    Russia could simply start building and launching decoy missiles which could be made for next to nothing and allow NATO to bleed US taxpayers dry (ala Israels whole bribery kickback scheme with their version)

  4. The REAL issue with putting a destabilizing weapon ( Patriot Missiles real reason for being “talked about” ) is its destabilizing affect on the overall Nuclear deterrence framework that has kept the entire world safe from a nuclear attack since last cravenly opportunistic coward and moron US President slaughtered millions with a Nuclear Bomb to make himself feel tough.

    That’s the real issue with putting the Patriot there and exactly why there haven’t been patriots allowed to be used close to Russia bc of its affect on the Nuclear Deterrence framework. This is stupid in such a bigger way tha. Simply It’s use as perfect system to redistribute wealth from the tax base to the elites and politicians as it’s been used in Israel to capture US foreign policy through Bribes (using our own money) to politicians to keep the graft and theft going

  5. Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq all give their people healthcare as well as free university

    Saudi Arabia does those things as well but like UAE they also give their citizens literally thousands every month for just being Saudi.

    Israel, uses the billions taken from U.S. families and re appropriated to Israel NOT ONLY FREE HEALTHCARE, FREE UNIVERSITY but literally sets up an account in every single Israelis name in which it deposited thousands each year which they get when they turn 18.


  6. I was in Patriot, and we've trained a lot of Germans at Ft Bliss.. the training is hard; but it can be learned in several months.. takes about a dozen ppl to run one whole system.. And yeah, the missiles aren't 100% accurate, but they aren't as bad as Jimmy's making them seem (that's the comedic, bit).. I'm here today, because a sister unit, fortunately, was close by to intersect a missile that was headed towards us.. We all thought we were going to die.. terrifying experience.

  7. They're probably sending the missile systems knowing the Ukraine army can't operate them because Raytheon makes money regardless. Behind the scenes, the Biden administration probably knows the war will end soon and wants to funnel whatever money they can back to defense contractors before it does – no matter the optics.

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