Ukraine Actually Responsible For “Russian” Attack On Ukraine Market

Earlier this month reports of a Russian missile attack on a market in Donetsk had Western media up in arms, breathlessly reporting on this latest merciless assault that killed 17 civilians. Except now a New York Times investigation has revealed overwhelming evidence that the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces, not Russia, underscoring how our media falls so promptly in line to blame the evil Putin even without any evidence beyond the word of Ukrainian officials.

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the irresistible “Evil Russia” narrative that’s catnip to Western media.

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  1. I'm so sick of the BS around this war. How do we stop the bloat of money our country is sending to Ukraine?? Killing your own people just to get more money is pure evil. When will people wake up to the travesty of all this and the corruption of our own government! Makes me sad and mad at the same time.

  2. Air defense missiles that fail to intercept their targets must come down somewhere. Furthermore, missiles do on occasion malfunction and come down on the wrong target. So I do not think the Ukrainians deliberately murdered their own people to create a false flag propaganda claim against Russia. I just think this was a missile that missed its intended target. But every time civilians get killed, the Ukrainian government and collective west reflexively scream "Russia did it!" Similarly, I think the deaths in Bucha last year were a combination of Ukrainian shelling when the Russians were occupying the village and Azov reprisals against civilians they thought had collaborated with the Russians after the Russians withdrew. That situation was loudly trumpeted as a Russian atrocity, but again, though I think it is not Ukrainian policy to kill civilians, I think civilians have been killed by their own side just by being caught in the crossfire and because the Ukrainian government hasn't had good control over the poorly disciplined Nazi units within its military.

  3. Ignorance and evil look the same from the outside. I think it's better to assume the former as a default and look for evidence that supports the latter. It could very well be evil intentions but it could also be a severe mistake. Does it really make a difference between the two? The outcomes won't have any noticeable difference from the outside perspective. People were hurt and the narrative exists the same as it does.

    I urge you to consider adapting a healthier method to assess incidents by avoiding pointing fingers at face-value confirmations embedded by personal beliefs. I'm not declaring the intentions of this event, it doesn't look good either way, but we as entertainers and journalists must aim to speak with careful caution when our voice is meant to be heard by a larger audience and if the ultimate goal from talking is the pursuit of truth.

    Cheers, keep it up guys. I'll be seeing you at your Orlando show!

  4. The show goes of the rails in the first two minutes. Off track. 14 people fell off a plane in Afghanistan? Do you guys even have a meeting about what you're going to talk about each day? Take some ADHD meds for christ sake. I just figured out it was in fact a Ukraine missile that hit the market, and suddenly we are talking about what the US has done in other proxy wars. Let us at least get into the meat of the issue at hand before we digress into past events. I feel like Lewis black. FUCK!

  5. 9.11. wasn't a false flag?! That was not even a joke. I just lost my hope in you guys. You really can not tell for yourself if a building this high having steal support stanchion would or would not fall this way after planes or even rockets hit, even if there was a fire for 2 days?

  6. Kurt stop talking and let the sensible person do the talking. I am nearly leaving the Jimmy Dore show and it is all down to Kurt he adds nothing to the story and constantly Interrupts. I think he ruins the show I would just love him to listen let us hear the story then Kurt talk your google gooke so annoying .

  7. Ukraine has been bombing their own citizens in East Ukraine since 2014. Of course, Ukraine did it. It isn't an accident, Ukraine has been doing this for years in the Donbass. Patrick Lancaster has been in Donetsk for a while and has talked to the people there about the daily bombings done there by Ukraine. They hate the ethnic Russian population in East Ukraine.

  8. Most of the 3.6 million people living in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions speak Russian, areas attacked by Ukraine since 2014 for wanting free of the Kiev regime, the areas whose declared independence was recognized by Russia. That is how I remember it, so again, why did Russia attack them?

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