Ukraine Admits ‘STEALING LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW’ | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Ukraine admitting massive corruption problems.

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  1. This piece is missing a lot of important context. Ukraine has its faults, it has corruption, but nowhere near the apocalyptic levels being portrayed here. Keep in the mind the vast majority of "funding" being sent to Ukraine comes in the form of equipment sitting in warehouses for decades, much of it being marked for recycling. The USA is saving money by sending outdated / expired equipment to Ukraine; it's not literal dollars – it's equipment. We're getting a fantastic deal shipping our old hardware overseas. Not to mention the boost in jobs and defense industry production on our shores.

    Case in point, the ATACMS rockets just sent were expired and ready to be thrown away – instead, the UAF used them to obliterate several airfields and trash extremely valuable / expensive Russian KA-52 attack heli's. Pretty good deal if you ask me, corruption or not…

    Further more, for folks actually following the day to day movement and actions in this war, it's beyond obvious that Russia is getting thrashed to the bone and the "idea" of Ukraine liberating it's land back to the 1991 borders is not at all unrealistic. You know it's bad when entire conscript battalions are getting wiped out in meat wave attacks for weeks on end.

    The toll on UKR is horrific – but they will win, if they stay the course.

  2. Anyone know if we're invoicing them for monies owed? No such thing as a free lunch.
    They want to laugh at us, great! Lets send the loan officers to get our money back with interest. And if they can't pay, we turn the hounds loose and see who laughs last.

    I'm more pissed we didn't give nearly this much importance and priority to Ohio, Minnesota, and Maui (to name a few).

  3. It was well known that Ukraine ran the largest black market of military hardware in the world when Obama was in office. EU countries refused to send them anything until Russia invaded for this reason. The western media just covered up all of the stories about this issue for the past 2 years. It’s also pretty clear that the west has accepted this war is a lost cause now with this kind of reporting.

  4. I doubt we will send Ukraine more money. This reporting wouldn’t be coming out if support for the war hasn’t dried up in DC. This is the media setting the groundwork to blame Ukrainian greed and corruption for the loss in this war so the west isn’t blamed for this. This is exactly how they work.

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