Ukraine ADMITS To Blowing Up Nordstream | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Ukraine admitting to blowing up the Nordstream pipeline.

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  1. That’s a very shallow view on things. Just regurgitating main stream media. Think what was happening at that time. US was putting pressure on Russian economy, Russia was essentially trying to blackmail using the pipeline by cutting it down to 10% or more. CIA was working heavily with Ukraine. But then you say Ukraine did it to pressure US to help. My guess is the US knew exactly what was planned if not they were the ones spearheading it. Just cut off Russias ability to use it as a tool against the west. Then look at the result. They are no longer reliant on that pipeline for energy. Looks like a geopolitical move to hurt Russia and force countries reliant to find other means of supply. I’d be willing to bet if you looked at US exports of gas to that region since then it has drastically increased.

  2. Oh my god these takes are bad. I don’t care about the nordstream, it was obvious at the time it was a warning of what someone in the area was capable of doing. That line wasn’t in use and the other line was. To now turn around and pretend that anything about the situation has changed is unbelievable. The vast majority of the money they give Ukraine goes directly to arms manufacturers in the states and the Americans who build the weapons, it’s a make work project which has the benefit of helping protect an ally that we promised we would defend if ever invaded by Russia , which they were. The Russians initiated this, they are the sole reason why any of this is happening, and yes the war is currently at a stalemate and now that it’s a never ending slog political factions are fighting for control in Ukraine. This is not hard to figure out or complicated, but this channel continues to only focus on Ukraine and ignores Russia. Report the story that’s fine, but the opinion takes on this channel regarding this war are just terrible.

  3. I always enjoy the show but you guys are talking like in the Spanish American war, WWI, WWII, Korea, And Vietnam and so many other conflicts international norms were adhered to. We have always chosen to follow the rules we wanted to follow and disregarded those that were convenient to disregard. We just have way more media to talk about it now.

  4. I mean, first of all, if Ukraine blew up a German pipeline, we should by rights be attacking Ukraine in defense of our NATO partner. And given that the US monitors literally all activity in the Baltic, it's pretty clear that the US has been 100% aware of who did this from the start, and covered up an act of international terrorism against a NATO country, which should be a problem, but meh. I'd also suggest that some guy being tortured by Nazis in a Ukrainian gulag is probably not a reliable witness to anything, so the idea that "now we know the truth" is just stupid. But even if we go with it, the US gave material support to terrorists attacking NATO. But hey, we give material support to terrorists on the regular, so oh well. JFC I can't wait to get off this planet.

  5. well… my comment got removed, probably because youtube has an agenda, but i ask again, does that make ukraine a errorstate [put a t in front], and does that mean everyone supplying them is supporting international errorism [again with the t].
    europe should withhold all aid and not start accession negotiations with ukraine until they fixed the damage and extradited the guilty…

  6. 3:24 – I don't recall, did the blowing of the pipeline lead up to someone somehow trying to draw the USA into the war? I don't recall even discussions of us entering the war due to the pipeline. In fact, we were all pretty amused at Germany's failure to predict their energy future at that point – but that's about it.
    I'm glad it was the Ukranians (if not the Russians) – it was their enemy's profit maker, so it's a damned good target.


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Labor and the Greens want to control what you say