UKRAINE ANNIVERSARY: Hawks Admit Russia Will NOT Suffer Total Defeat | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss DC hawks admitting that total victory is not possible for Ukraine.

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  1. John Mearsheimer has been saying exactly the same thing ( 3:24 ) since the conflict started.
    If Russia can't have it… they'll wreck it. That's also exactly what the West are 'helping' Russia to do.
    By making sure the conflict doesn't end. The continuation of the utter destruction of the country as a nation.
    It'll wreck the countries infrastructure and scare away all of the intelligent Ukrainians into the West.
    What will be left… will be near unfixable and filled with Ukrainians that like to kill things, 
    have lots of experience doing it and armed to the teeth.

  2. ukraine is gone no matter what happens. almost all the young and middle aged men of ukraine have been killed. The ukranian people is in massive trouble. When the war is over ukraine owes america 100's of billions of dollars. Western business is going to flood mass immigration into ukraine to rebuild it. Also the end of ukraine.

  3. Biden Admin's pet phrase about giving aid to Ukraine is "As long as it takes." sounds all macho, but really quite open-ended. As long as it takes to…bloody russia's nose enuf? as long as it takes…to dry up USA support for the war at home? "as long as it takes"….to let us say "Hey, we gave them a lot of stuff, man!" meanwhile, it could also mean: as long as it takes to deplete our weapons stocks. "as long as it takes…to get in a hot war with russia and end the human experiment.

  4. Firstly, congratulations Saagar.

    Secondly, it's interesting how the fog of war can result in such drastically differing analyses. Krystal and Saagar's assessment is that sanctions against Russia hasn't been effective at curtailing its industrial capacity whilst US stockpiles are dwindling to the point of affecting preparedness. Meanwhile, amateur analysts such as Perun's (who is Aussie, and thus whose biases would presumably veer towards wanting to preserve the US's capacity to pressure China) assessment is that sanctions have been effective, resulting in visibly poorer quality/poorer performing productions and Russia using up its deep stockpile of Soviet materiel (which once used, can't be easily replaced due to lost capacity since the fall of the USSR). Meanwhile, Perun opined that the materiel the US has been providing – barring ammunition – are equipment that the US military would never realistically use themselves without it leading to a scandal (due to their being old and drastically inferior than its current generation of equipment) while the large figures attached to them is due to US accounting practices that calculate them based on the cost of replacing said vehicle with a modern equivalent – as opposed to the vehicle's theoretical present value (which would be much lower due to depreciation and the passage of time since it was originally built).

  5. Breaking Points team, please get on the right side of history. Regarding our domestic policies, you guys rock, but Ukraine… I get that you have to uphold your anti war principles, but when a nation is fighting for its survival like Ukraine, it's not a good look. We've abandoned Kurds and Iraqis while they are STILL imprisoning thousands of ISIS fighters. Glory to Ukraine!

  6. Kim Iverson interviewed col Wilkerson who stated USA is aiming to collapse both Russia and China simultaneously , that elements in USA and NATO want a hot war with Russia and they are indifferent to the consequences. Americans always assume the evil people don't live in their country when it comes to geopolitics…regarding ammo col Douglas MacGregor raised this issue months ago, it's inexplicable that you don't interview the man or even col Wilkerson. He also raised the issue of manufacturing lead times for the high tech weaponry.

  7. So this seems kinda like when they told us the vaccine would prevent infection….. Then the goalposts were moved and it prevented spread….. then the goalposts were moved again and it prevented hospitalization

    Ukraine never had a chance and the media has been flat out lying about everything about ukraine for over 6 years and this president has made money with his son off this entire situation. It should disgust every american.

  8. Congrats Saagar. Good fortune for you and your wife. But the Ukraine War sadly looks like it's going to end when the Ukrainians try to launch their attack and get massacred. The Russians outgun them 8-1 in artillery, the Ukrainian Air Force doesn't exist except for a small smattering of pilots and planes and helicopters hiding in Poland and Romania, and the Ukranians have lost over 150k troops according the Israeli Mossad while the Russians have only lost about 21k, and let's not forget that the Mossad is a far superior intelligence gathering agency than anything in the West, and NATO's armories are now barren while Russia is outpacing them in all factors. The war should have ended with the peace deal they made before NATO and the West killed it to give the neocon warpigs and the Military Industrial Complex their gallons of blood money.

  9. Saagar brings an excellent point. Ben Shapiro has been saying pretty loudly destroying that much of Russia’s military for our investment has been a really good deal. I agree with Saagar that depleting the west’s munitions is a valid China plan. Always wondered why we never heard of Russia disrupting Ukraine’s supply chain.

  10. Wow, this is the first time I’m seeing one of you guys clips. I’m so glad you guys went to Joe Rogan for me to find this.😭😭, I listen to stay tune from time to time, but they don’t exactly have any serious news, I used to listen to #TYT I think that’s what they’re called🤮 when they report their stuff that shits, always one-sided😒, then again might be my fault,They never claim to be a news platform I don’t think🤔🤷🏾‍♂️. All I give a shit about is the news of WTF is going on, I DONT care too much about your opinion and what YOU think😠. #BreakingPoint. 😌 keep up the good work 🙂

  11. That analogy is missing a part. It is like somebody comes into your 10 bedroom house, squats 2 rooms. While they are destroying those 2 rooms and causing damage to the other 8 you are lopping off their feet and hands, trapping them into those two rooms and depleting their bank account.

  12. China values stability. I am not convinced they’re going to rush to give Russia arms because they know that will result in escalation and more disruption for them and their people.

    Sure they’re annoyed with the US over the balloon stuff and over Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan but clearly not enough to support any sorts of kinetic warfare.

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