“Ukraine Can’t Win” – Say French & German Leaders In Private

“Supporting” Ukraine with whatever military and humanitarian assistance is necessary until Russia is defeated has become the near-universal demand from all right-thinking Americans determined not to reward Russian aggression, no matter how many Ukrainians have to die. Except it turns out that the leaders of both France and Germany are privately admitting that Ukraine has no chance of winning, and have begun pressing for negotiations to end the conflict.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss all the blood that has spilled pointlessly in a conflict that could have ended 11 months previously.

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  1. By the time this is over or in time, America, Biden, etc etc will be hated by the ENTIRE WORLD! German citizens are already against the USA. Who wouldn't be mad at the people who blew up their pipeline and forced them into contracts and freezing in their own homes! This shit is so simple. This country is FAILED NATION !!

  2. The absolute garbage that comes out of Zelenskyy's lying mouth would be funny, if it weren't so sad. "Russia is going to invade NATO next" what drivel. We could be charitable and say he's high on his own supply of war propaganda, but that would be too kind. He's just lying.

  3. I’m down for NATO to finance itself and constituents via modern colonialism but fuck’s sake do it intelligently or don’t do it at all. The pipeline destruction, a profound error. Refusing good faith requests to negotiate, an expensive failure. The sophisticated earn their losses well.

  4. After the US backed coup in 2014, the republics in the Donbass asked Putin to be annexed into Russia. Putin REFUSED! Putin is NOT an expansionist – that's Washington propaganda.

    After Bush invited Ukraine and Georgia into NATO in 2008 at the Bucharest Summit, Putin told Bush if you make Ukraine a member of NATO, he will annex Crimea to save his naval base on the peninsula. So, Washington had plenty of warning

    The reason Putin invaded Ukraine is the same reason the US would invade Mexico, if Mexicans began singling out and killing Americans. According to the OSCE, because of the shelling from Ukraine 14,000 people in the Donbass died between 2014 and 2022. And, in 2022 Kyiv was preparing for major assault on the Donbass.

    Politically-minded Biden will never seek peace in before the presidential elections. Daniel Ellsberg found this out long ago. Withdrawing from or seeking peace in a war is bad politics.

  5. Jimmy, unfortunately I have to dissappoint you – the anti war movement in germany is in shambles. There is a significant part of the population (mainly in the east) that is deeply frustrated and disilusionated – and there's the german business class that's moaning yet the first group is unpredictable, disorganised and easily exploitable while the second one is about to get ripped appart as the two poles their interrests are latched to are drifting appart in this conflict since they can't go on with nor without the US and Russia alike. The traditional anti war movement that was so strong in the 80'ies – well, that was the greens and they already morphed into warmongers during the wars of yugoslav secession.

  6. sorry you read wrong… between the lines they say that Ukraine can win, but only if they join Nato……then that will be seen as russia attacking the whole of EUNATO and Nato has a justification for a REAL war….. Basically. Is all a bs war. peace is the way forward imo.

  7. From this point on Russia will completely take over Ukraine, but because they are not the bad guys in this conflict, after they take over Ukraine they will give them majority of their previous boarders back with a new government. The only concern when this happens or is about to happen is USA nuking them directly or more likely indirectly via their propaganda machine through sympathy righteousness brainwashing of the western world. This is when truly the 3rd. world war starts and ends quickly.

  8. Imagine STILL believing the US has honorable intentions after literally raining down terror across the globe pretending it’s humanitarian. The millions of dead and displaced in its wake of PIRACY is truly heartbreaking. Ukraine is just another failed state on a very long list.

  9. America needs to be held accountable for war MONGORING Blood Thirsty politicians bombing countries killing innocent people children. Every time it's new president, it's a war somewhere. America have no right to point fingers to Russia or any other countries when America is the biggest joke war MONGORING. How many countries have America bombed? Let me see. Libiya, Yemen, Siria, Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia, especially IRAQ no weopons of mass destruction. Who the hell does America think it is like they have a licence to bomb countries killing innocent people children for money get rich quick scheme pay to play? Russia wanted peace,but NATO idiot said the only way to peace is more weopons 🤔 interesting don't you think? More weopons to Ukraine for peace? Is he in he's right mind this scumbag?

  10. These are the same people who thought that the Russians would win in a few days, and look how that turned out. If America was invaded, you're damn right I wouldn't listen to foreign leaders telling us we couldn't win and that we should just give up a huge chunk of valuable territory and citizens to the invading enemy with the hope they won't decide to go for more.

  11. Secretary Blinkins team brought in a nuclear weapon to Poland when Joe Briben meet mr green shirt at the secret meeting that they got permission for… BLUF. USA will set off Nuclear device and sacrifice a Polish city. We will blame Russia and state we wont use nuclear weapons like the Russians but will join Germany and Britain and French with the NATO forces….. Media will play this up… state department plans to have Crimera by early Falll season of 2023. This is common knowledge at the state department. This week…. The Big Bang…

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