Ukraine Donbass Crisis Deepens, Putin Eviscerates Scholz in Fiery Call, Biden Offers Talks

Ukraine Donbass Crisis Deepens, Putin Eviscerates Scholz in Fiery Call, Biden Offers Talks but Without Ideas, Proposals
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  1. Let me remind Putin that USA speaks with forked tongue and never trust them ever…. whatever they agree with they will tear it down once they strengthen their position…. remember Gorbachev trusted USA that ended in the continuous expansion of NATO…. diplomatic negotiation does not work with USA

  2. As ever you seem to me to ben one of the most balanced and rational commentators on this whole sorry affair. I agree a petition of Ukraine probably with a DMZ down the west bank of the Derniper river is a real possibility. If Russia goes for it all, it will have to rebuilt what it has destroyed and run elections quickly with lots local resistance to the occupation, fueled by an angry humiliated West. Nuland will loose her s…t. Bad gugu.

  3. If, as was commentated on by varies sources, Ukraine was in debt to the tune of 150 Billion euro prior to the war, how is Ukraine going to pay for all this Western equipment that is being sent to them, as the West( mainly US) is not giving all the Western military and financial support for free. Not only has Zelensky been disastrous for the Ukrainian people and the country, but he has saddled up his country with so much more debt that Ukraine will never be accepted into the EU under the weight of that debt( and look what the EU forced on the Greek people because of that country’s debt).

  4. Dutch TV mentioned the Ukraine casualty numbers based on interviews with people on the battlefield. One platoon member mentioned 80 KIA out of 120 sent into battle in a single day. Another witness mentioned hundreds of KIA in a single day. An anonymous source mentioned 1000 KIA in 4 days.

  5. I believe your estimation for Ukraine total armed forces during the conflict may be low.

    A few weeks ago i finally ran across a specific lineup of what Ukraine started with on 24/2:
    260000 regulars.
    100000 nassiz. (this goes perfectly together with their bragging online back in January about having 100k).
    ~45000 non-nassiz militia.
    ~45000 paramilitary.
    250000 "ready reserve". (this part i was previously unaware of, and they just so happened to be battleready just when they were needed, what a coincidence)

    That's 700 thousand just right off the bat. And they have since conducted NINE mobilisations, only the last of which we know the numbers for, "100 thousand to replace losses". However, even if we assumed that each mobilisation wave only gathered an average of 50 thousand, that would still put the total at 1.15M.

    And i find it far more likely that mobilisation waves were considerably larger. If we raise the average mobilisation to 100k, the total shoots up to 1.6M.
    And that's STILL a low estimate for a nation of over 40 million.
    My own country, Sweden, during the cold war, could raise almost 1/8th of the population under full mobilisation. Without changing the mobilisation age limits to such extremes as Ukraine has done.

    Also, recently there was that talk about a Ukraine "mothers&wives" organisation finding 237 thousand soldiers to be unfindable, ie. likely dead.

    There's also the question of why the lady specificed 100k dead OFFICERS… Not "soldiers", "troops", "manpower" or something, but officers.

    The last semi-official figure about Russian KIAs was in October and was slightly above 6 thousand. And unless the lossrates have suddenly increased a lot during the last 40-50 days, it is highly unlikely to have reached 9k that rapidly, as Russian losses at the time were notably going DOWN, not up. And Russian losses suddenly jumping by 50% in 2 months, of what it took over 6 months before that? Extremely unlikely.

    ALSO notable is that a Russian "mothers&wives" organisation last month did their own investigation and effectively confirmed the official Russian figures.

    Do note that as far as i can tell, the Chechen, Dagestani, South Ossetian and other similar forces ARE apparently included in the "regular" Russian forces as far as reporting losses counts. I've seen some statements that claims that Wagner group is also included, but those seem more questionable.
    That the above mentioned "m&w" organisation came up with the same numbers however also do suggest that the official numbers are inclusive rather than exclusive.

    However, the DPR/LPR losses are NOT counted as part of that. And AFAIK, last report put them at somewhere in the 8-12 thousand KIA.

    In regards to Surovikin's statement about 12k Ukraine KIAs in October, don't forget that Russia has a strong tendency to UNDERreport enemy losses.
    12 thousand is likely what they have specfically confirmed. And September and October were also extremely high for Ukraine casualties due to their braindead insane PR-offensives.

    Actually, i think you're partially wrong about the 300k mobilised. Russia has specifically mobilised them to fight or for specialist roles, their already existing backbone of troops are likely going to keep handling logistics as they already are doing.

    Mcgregor isn't always correct, but he always has a reason for whatever numbers he is providing when he does so. So, they're unlikely to be completely wrong at least.

  6. Alexander – It is very important for the Rest of the World, especially Asia and Africa, that the WEST is thought a lesson. A very hard and painful lesson that their Racist NEOCOLONIALISM is NO more. It has taken a EuAsian Nation to teach the bullies of the West. SO Russia cannot Compromise! They Must WIN OutRight, with the "West" crawling back to beg for Peace in the continent. If this does not happen, many irrelevant Eastern European nations like Poland will try the nonsense that Ukraine did again. It is as simple as that.

  7. Donbass? All that's deepening are the Russian graves to contain the corpses of the ill-equipped mobilized suckers marched at entrenched Ukraine positions. They've been trying to take Bakhmut for 5 months Alex, it's a meat grinder – stop propping up this vile imperial Russian regime, and Putin the war criminal.

  8. The buildup of Russian forces may not be intended for a major offensive. Russia has no need of making a grand offensive at this time. The Russian buildup may be a deterrent against US and NATO escalation as Ukraine unravels. Russia is de facto at war with the Collective West and may be adopting a defensive posture in anticipation of possible Western escalation and also in anticipation of a permanent Cold War standoff on its borders with Europe. Russia has no need to rush things at this point nor to expend its military forces in needless grand offensives. So long as Russia can continue to degrade the Ukrainian energy systems with missile strikes Russia ought to continue and allow time and winter do its work on Ukraine and Europe.

  9. Britain's military seem so backward thinking – a real stick in the mud blindsight . When you consider WW2 & into D Day…Britain was entirely mechanised , a recent leap from horse , as the Quad gun carriage echo's – where as Germany was still reliant a lot on horse – even if the propaganda would give otherwise . The west seems to learn nothing from nothing.

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