Ukraine is being demolished by massive Russian offensives

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Recorded 1/24/2023.

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  1. Sun Tzu advocates that the highest realisation of warfare is attacking the enemy's plans, next is to disrupt alliances, then to attack their army, and last is to attack cities, which must be pursued as a last resort…… hmm seems like something happening here 🤔

  2. 24:40 yes colonel, you do owe us a great many things including, a living. The country you served caused wars in more than 50 countries since WW2. The powers you served colonised 3 continents, extorted their resources and tortured their people with immense misery.
    As if that was not enough, the vile nations of your evil imperialism brought extinction to many animal or plant species and polluted the atmosphere with incalculable amounts of carbon which will doom us all before the end of this century.
    After Turks, Imperialist Westerners are the most evil and vile people that ever existed in this planet.

  3. First off, every bit makes a difference. Tanks, IFV, drones, ammunitions, it all makes a difference, every soldier, every tank makes a difference. That's how wars are won, all these bits coming together and contributing to the fight.

    Oh Douglas, you are so full of BS saying the invaders have at most around 50 thousand wounded and half as many dead…Yeah, because of all people you would know this so well.

    You stating the Ukrainians are hopeless against the "superior" invader's manpower and weaponry quantity…You see, Ukrainians would rather die than be subject to Putin…it's an honor to die fighting for FREEDOM, and you know what this means…that Putin and his cronies' days are numbered, that the Russian people will take the fight to Putin after Ukraine destroys Putin and his cronies in the battlefields of Ukraine.

    The least we can do is provide full assistance to an entire nation making the ultimate sacrifice for their future. Regardless of how much assistance Ukraine receives they'll fight to the end, fight Putin's war machine on Ukranian soil!

    Make no mistake, Putin has been shitting himself; he can't believe what's happening. The West fully supporting Ukraine's existence as a sovereign country with whatever means necessary means that Putin's days of waging war in Ukraine are numbered. And if Putin thinks weapons of mass destruction are going to "save" his war of tyranny over Ukraine, he's mistaken and well aware how much worse things will turn out for him and his cronies.

    It really makes me wonder if you have any hidden agendas of how you want this war to end.

    Having said all this, you're entitled to your opinions and agendas. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting the world know what you're made off.

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