Ukraine is Desperately Pushing Teenagers into The Front

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On the other side of the line is Andrew N. Recorded the day before pusblishing.

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  1. the idea that Ukraine sends 14-15 y.o. teenagers is a bullshit. I`m here in Ukraine, our Military did not even complete the previous wave of mobilisation. Upcoming a new wave – to rotate those forces on the frontline in Jan/Feb. Which is more, they decline the official claims of 19-20 y.o. volunteers in the army (too young to go to war), I`m not speaking of 15 y.o. "soldiers". I consider that gentleman either poorly informed on the situation on the groung, or a russian money-lover propagandist for I`ve seen that thesis in russian state media

  2. The Last Word I heard and People Tell me. I think that Macgregor is more a chatty rumour monger than an analytical pundit. Everyday he spouts pro Putin propaganda. Ukrainian hospitals are overflowing with wounded and their morgues are full he says. Which hospitals, which morgues? Ukraine has allowed new reporters into hospitals. I have never seen Putin put a medal on a wounded Russian. Oh wait why we would not see that? The answer according to Macgregor is that Russia has two casualties from accidents and one wounded so no one to put a medal on

  3. Didnt we see and witness this before in the 1940s, and we knew the end result. I really feel pity for Slavic Ukrainians who had been brain washed by Jewlinski, who is not a SLAVIC, doesnt give a toss to the citizen and wanted them to be sacrificed for his lie, greed and wealth. THIS IS SO NOT RIGHT. SLAVA RUSSIA from UK 100%, no doubt !

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