Ukraine is FINISHED as NATO Crosses Russia’s Red Line AGAIN

This is BAD. Rumors abound of NATO attacking Russia’s city of Pskov via drone strike from Estonia or Latvia. Estonia has denied the claims, Ukraine has taken credit for the attack. What is the truth?

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Written by Danny Haiphong

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  1. The drone attack durextly done by the NATO/US military forces now in Russia borders in lithuania/estonia/sweden/Poland /Sweden others and Russia should used now their nuclear missiles to US/UK/Europe to make peace on the whole world.because this group are the main author of war plan to Russia against Ukraine

  2. all this craptalk of the west about security is an attempt to hide that th eu and us oligarchs want war under any cirumstance, with russia, china or brasil if necessary. theyre dopne and they need to plunder resources to maintain their oligarchy. thats the core of the wests behaviour. of course they drum the nationalists drums and blow the jingo horns, htey need dumbaff cannonfodder for their machine to run

Macron wants Niger invasion green light to ECOWAS

Macron wants Niger invasion, green light to ECOWAS

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