“Ukraine is losing” Foreign Volunteer admits in INTERVIEW with Willy OAM

Situation Report in Bakhmut according to an Australian Foreign Volunteer.

0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Military Background of Soldier X
1:22 – “Ukraine is losing this war”
3:47 – Wagner PMC Tactics
9:47 – “Are we going to see Bakhmut Fall?”
12:00 – Kherson and Kharkiv Offensives
16:39 – Maneuver Warfare and Battle of Attrition
18:12 – Casualties in Bakhmut
19:49 – High Tech Equipment of Wagner PMC
20:38 – Ukrainian commanders problem
22:21 – True reason behind Western Tank deliveries
23:14 – “Where do you see the frontline in the coming weeks?”
25:21 – Barrier troops and deserters
26:58 – Conclusion

Full interview:

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  1. Well, all these casualties and destruction would have been avoided if Ukraine has implemented the minsk agreement. But no they find joy in killing Russians of Ukrainian state, shelling them for yrs. Now they have seen war. They wanted to defeat Russia, a country that has 3-4times your population, with all its military might. By the end of this year Ukraine will run out of fighting men. Remember, Russia has said that after Ukraine failed to implement the peace agreement that made Russia to withdraw from Kyiv, Ukraine has lost its right to be a sovereign state.

  2. Russia knows that controlling land means not as much as keeping your army intact. Russia has time and again given up land to spare troops and then sue artillery to desecrate the opposing side. Ukraine made a big mistake in not suing for peace after the Kharkiv offensive and when they retook Kherson. It was the perfect time to just freeze the lines and negotiate a deal. Another mistake is tossing so much life for Bachmut… I think Ukraine fears that if that line which was built over 8 year falls that nothing stops the Russian until they reach the river dneiper.
    Russia if able to reach the dneiper is very unlikely to ever cede back any land and will demand more then the 4 new provinces in a peace deal. The dneiper river is a natural border for Russia.

  3. The problem with Western propaganda is they o too far in trying to dehumanize and portray Russia army as incompetent and straight evil. They deal too much in one sided bias and don't even try to balance. I understand Ukraine and Russia pushing propaganda.. but why are these media outlets pushing prop like it's their own country in the war

  4. American here doing TCCC
    Thank you for the information I've been watching it since May.
    Let me tell you it's the only source I have for valid information and INTEL.

    I am giving medical instructions to Ukraine soldiers out here. Also manning CCPs.

    In Bukhmut they won't move their wounded at night. So we keep having body bags pile up in the morning and this is just one CCP.

    I will never go to that place again.
    It's a cluster fuck death trap mixed with dumb shitty commanders that use Soviet tactics.

    We literally had 21 Fucking 21 personnel with half injured securing our right flank to our CCP. Against hundreds of Russians. Let me tell you if those russians pushed I would be dead.

    This channel helps me throw in knowledge to Ukraine conscripts. How fucked they're and how they need to adapt. Because they think they are winning.

    I am here till the death.
    Again thank you so much your channel has kept me alive and others.

  5. It will not be long before the Americans finish this war, a. by letting Europeans doggie paddle in their self made shallow waters of lies and self decit b. Committing highly mechanised american soldiers to a war 1000's of miles from home with the afghan end game looming c. Go nuclear and let capitalist america/Europe self destruct with capitalist russia in their knapsacks, leaving communist China and India to sweep up the trash left behind by 500 years of European 'civilisation'. Choose your way out.

  6. why do they no care what the local people are thinking? Just Kyiv decides they have to stay in Ukraine? Is this our new "democracy" ? Those who speak about attacking Crimea are not for the people and not for democrats even if they can pretend to be for the local people in the other regions.Such a sick world. And the ukrainians fight for corrupt people even stealing hundreds of millions just on army food supply. Incredible.

  7. Most cringe account on youtube. Desperately looking for russian wins. Yes, wagner are supersoldiers, their consrcipts who went to front with 1 week training are better than western SOF. The amount of cope is hilarious, we have pcitures of russian dead bodies littering the fields around bakhmut. They promised to take it in couple of weeks and its literally half a year now. My god pro russian people are lowest common denominator.

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1) Now that I have everyone’s attention, allow me to address why US establishment politicians are sending tanks, jets, weapons, equipment, and $100+ billion to Ukraine. It has nothing to do with Ukrainian citizens, and everything to do with Deep State assets/secrets in Ukraine. (

Russia Starts New Offensive near Kremmina Tanks and Fighter Jets

Russia Starts New Offensive near Kremmina. Tanks and Fighter Jets.