Ukraine is out of AMMO – NATO

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Ukraine is out of AMMO – NATO

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  1. You said allies hahaha.. you mean the NATO axis..! You can't shove something down Russia's throat.. Hitler tried doing that and it didn't work. Chew on that one a little while.. leopard tanks don't they sound little bit like panzer and tiger tanks.. sieg heil zapimpsky.. histories fixing to repeat itself. Except this time it won't be WWII.. it will be the third world war!!!!!!!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️ God be with us ✝️🙏💯

  2. It's just part of their master plan, that so far worked out perfectly for them. Who has seen the video of Trump demanding Germany to pay more money to NATO, and the Germans where laughing.

    I think NATO realized that if Russia will remain a good neighbor for another 20 years, NATO will be absolute in the near future. The whole western Industrial military complex was at stake.

    With the provoked war in Ukraine, they assured themselves to life a prosperous life for many years to go.

    'We are out of ammo' means we need to receive tens of billions more of tax payer money to build new factories. Ukraine made America and NATO great again. Paid for all their old hardware with a few shiny ones, and now Europe is going to arm itself to the teeth to protect itself from the evil big bear that roams in their garden…

  3. Russia is indeed lacking of missiles, but not all missiles only high-precision missiles. That is one of the key reasons, why several recent Russian missile strikes are hitting normal houses, not any military targets. The Russian army started this current war with 17 million artillery shells, and it has used about 10 million of them, but got three million from abroad and recently made in Russia. So now the Russian army has still ten million shells left, and this amount should last long especially when Russia has mobilized her ammunition production. But the Achilles heel is the transportation of these shell to the front. When the Ukrainian army got the accurate HIMARS rocket-launchers, it could quickly destroy practically all Russia ammunition and fuel depots, which were under 80 km range from these weapons. The Russians had to build new depots so far away from the front, that the rocket-launchers could not reach them. But because the Russian army has far too few lorries, the transportation of the shells from that distance will take time and slow the daily shelling. it has been cut from 60000 in June to 20000 in February. That is one key reason, why the defense of Bakhmut is still holding, despite the Russian many furious attacks.

    Jackson Hinkle is claiming, that Russia would have huge advances in Zaporizhzhia. Not quite so. The Russian tanks really tried hard to break-through to Vuhledar, but the front there had been pretty stabile, and so the Ukrainian army had had enough time to mine all the possible passageways for the tanks. And so the Russian main attack was stopped mainly by those mines. The neighbourhood of Vuhledar became quickly a graveyard fr the Russian tanks. There are several videos in the net about those Russian tanks losses. Hinkle is claiming, that the Russian army would have advanced in the North near the Kahrkiv province and in Bakhmut, and to some extent this is true, but we are still talking about a few kilometers. Keep in mind, that Russia has used tens of thousands new reservists in these attacks. The results have so far been not very great.

    The basic problem for NATO about this current war in Ukraine has been, that the consumptions of conventional weapons and ammunitions have been far greater than most NATO countries could have predicted. So they have had big stockyards for neither weapons nor ammunitions, and their industry was in a peace-time mode. When this current war started, only Poland, Czech and Bulgaria were such NATO countries, which immediately started to increase their military industry capcity. Especially Bulgaria was important as provider of the artillery shells to Ukraine during the fist six months. Also Sweden and Finland were increasing their military industry capacity in an early stage. But for the U.S. it took a longer time and for the most European NATO countries to this year. Keep in mind, that when you increase the military industry capacity, the results will be shown after several months. It will not be a quick process. The U.S. has sent so many Javelins to Ukraine, that in a peace-time mode to compensate those would take over eight years. The U.S. has sent 1.1 million artillery shells to Ukraine, the annual production being 93000, so twelve years would be needed. However, the U.S. has decided to increase the manifacturing of those shells to six times bigger, but this increase is still not enough big. The U.S. has tried to win time by sending several hundred thousend shells from the stockyards in Israel and South-Koreas to Ukraine. But the key thing now is to increase the capacity to produce artillery pieces and ammunitions. Stoltenberg has urged this frequently and at last it seems, that both Germany and France are stepping up with their military industry production. But it will take several months, before this will have a big impact to this war.

    Hinkle is claiming, that all roads to Bakhmut would be controlled byt the Russians, but he is wrong. The Ukrainian army manged quite recently to push the Russian army a bit to the South, so that the Ukrainians could again use their most important supply road. But the situation in Bakhmut is still pretty challenging. The key village for keeping Bakhmut is Chasiv Yar. If the Russian army could take over it, then it could pressure the Ukrainian army to leave Bakhmut. We have to remember, that the Ukrainian army has a big need to push the West to make it's support decision faster, so it will introduce a bit alarming news instead of positive news. To the homefront the Ukrainian army tells news in a more positive ways.

    The West has had several problems with it's rising the capacity of weapons and ammunitions, but also Russia has plenty of problems. She has had over 10000 old tanks in her storages, but the vast majority of those have been open-air ones. So the harsh Russian Winters have practivally destroyed them, especially the high-tech parts of them. And because th Western sanctions are preventing Russia to getting new high-tech parts, practically the only model, which the Russian army has managed to renovate in big numbers, have been the T-62s. There will be roughly 50 renovated T-62s ready to be sent to the front weekly. Russia can't produce currently any modern air planes or tanks. But she transferred all the tanks from the Far-East to Ukraine in January. The Russians have problems in their military industry factories, because 90% of the robots and tools are Western made. So no maintenance and no spare-parts to these machines are available. Russia lacks educated workes, so she can't use three shifts. So in the biggest Rusian ammunition factory there is a 72 hours' work-week. So I just wonder, how long these workers can keep up the tempo, if this war will last several years as I now predict. But Russia will finally lose this war anyway. Glory to Ukraine ! Glory to the heroes !

  4. My family's fairness country since the Mayflower. They fought in the revolution. My fifth grade ground father wasn't vowed in the.
    Whiskey rebellion. Now I say I hope Russia kicks the Ukraine's a**.
    I hope they run the Ukrainians into Europe.
    Period at least the ones they don't kill.

  5. Systematic lying does not win wars nor successfully operate physically functional operations. But is a standard process in Democrat political operations.. Thus the Ukraine-Russian war is coming to a end with the Ukraine destroyed. With the Democrat Party moving to another victimized organizations to exploit. For Democrat Party financial gains.

  6. A war can not be "Won". When over 70% of the war supplies are stolen off the loading dock. And then sold to international "Black-market" munitions suppliers. For selling on the international market. For the financial benefits of the Ukraine governmental officials running the Ukraine-Russian war. And the Democrat Party minions loaning the money to fund the war. That is why the current American government does not care if a "war" can be won or not. Its to make money for the Democrat Party minions and organizations.

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