Ukraine Much-Lauded Counteroffensive “Not Meeting Expectations,” Admits CNN | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. "Fuck em" does not in the slightest sound like what Putin himself would have said. The only source for it I can find is the Atlantic, I am not suggesting he would not make the same point, but to use that language in such a way in such a public manner, would be so out of character vs the last 22yrs the only way I would believe such from our media is with a direct video or transcribed source to the quote in question. Which of course the likes of the Atlantic, will never provide.

  2. YES, very good Glenn. I cannot but agree with you, for what you eplained is, imo, true. I would not have any doubts about it. I do not know what percentage of the pouplation would believe what you say and this saddens me, but I know that you are speaking the truth and this is more important to me. Keep up your qualitative reporting, for it is good.

TERRIFYING UN Announces Mandatory Digital ID Linked to Banks Accounts

TERRIFYING! UN Announces Mandatory Digital ID Linked to Banks Accounts


Australian Senator, Alex Antic warns Australians and the rest of the world👇 “Infrastructure for future pandemics is being set up right now!! Smart cities are being set up with face recognition, cameras and license plate readers – Then we have SMART cars, SMART appliances, SMART streetlights, SMART homes and SMART neighbourhoods – You’re literally being SET UP to be tracked through your movements and your digital wallet that’s coming up! And once the CBDC’s are in place, you won’t be able to spend your money without their approval!! Eventually, you won’t be able to use government/healthcare services, go on vacation or go on the internet!!!”😳😳 (