UKRAINE WAR MAP | Russia Continues Soledar Offensive

Written by New World Econ

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  1. Well it IS "operationally significant" in that if affects a fairly wide area of the Donbas relative to logistics and potential axes of Russian advance. How ISW could deny this is puzzling. Perhaps Woke groupthink has contaminated the august corridors of military evaluation. After all, Lefties are shoving Critical Race Theory down the Pentagon's throat, so ISW may well be taking the current Party Line. BTW nice map analysis NWE. Cheers!

Russias next move keeps collective west guessing

Russia’s next move, keeps collective west guessing

Russia Claims Soledar Victory Trap Ukraine Troops in Bakhumt Ukraine

Russia Claims Soledar Victory, Trap Ukraine Troops in Bakhumt; Ukraine Soledar Counterattacks Fail