Ukraine War Moving into Russia w/ Ray McGovern fmr CIA

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  1. The statement from Russia about nuclear threat means even if Russian land is open to grab than also NATO should not go there because if a Russian land comes under occupied by NATO than the hit will come from Russia. So if NATO is not ready for nuclear conflict than why is it pushing things in Ukraine?, as main concern of NATO is war not coming to their country and never nuclear conflict so if any Russian land is grabbed than it will be taken as by NATO as NATO is totally into war so what is the point with all this for NATO ?. So someday Russia gets tired of war and loosens up and says try coming to our land we will not try to keep defending it but if you put a foot than we will hit. Will than NATO go there ?

  2. The Russian's have a nuclear fail safe called "dead hand" so if the US thinks they can launch a first strike on Russia and there will be no retaliation think again. Understand what dead hand is and how it works and if the US thinks they can avoid being turned into a waste land think again.

  3. That's exactly Medvedev says if Russia is defeated in Ukraine they will use Nuclear weapons. They wont give a win to west for sure and thats why Biden should have never attacked a nuclear power i. e. They should have never meddeled in Ukraine with Victoria Nuland's 2014 putsch. On the other hand Biden will not like to lose in the ensuing presidential election and he may doble down in Ukraine causing a nuclear war in Ukraine.

  4. I have a question for mr. Ray McGovern. He has posted a book on JFK behind him on the shelf… My question to him, what does he think about the fact that the CIA assassinated JFK.
    Does he think it to be a prudent thing to do, to murder a president, in order to wage a war in Vietnam, among other things that JFK wanted to change.

  5. And my second question is this, exactly how long would it take, when the Russians would be setting up missile systems in Mexico or Cuba, for the Americans to be threatening nuclear strikes?
    And the coupled third question, doesn't he know that the biggest sin a person can commit before God, is the sin of hypocrisy… And when one doesn't believe that, one should read Swedenborg's heaven and hell… for that explanation.

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