Ukraine Withdraws From The East of Bakhmutovka River | Bakhmut Front Update 28/02/23

Suriyakmaps tweet about Ukrainian retreat across the riverline:


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  1. Weeb union – I think the Wagner forces will do a faint attack west if Wagner forces attack at all westwards though I am sure if almost 100% positive that the Wagner/Russian forces will attack south into the city of bakhmut as well as move north into bakhmut from the southern flank also I think if the Ukrainian for es don't move into an significant position to either defend or into an envelopment in order to hold the city

  2. Once the areas East of the Bakmutovka River are cleared and secured by Wagner, this will allow Russia to redeploy the troops to the encirclement process. It will not take long for this redeployment process to occur. The Ukrainians blowing the bridges across this river, will prove to be a help for Russia.

  3. So it looks to me that the Ukrainian strategic leadership is not incompetent as pro Russian and sometimes neutral observers assume. They hold their ground, committing Russian resources till the very last moment, forcing an extremely slow envelopement maneuver, and then retreat the core of their forces, denying the enemy a strategic blow to their manpower. That was pretty much the case in Lysychansk and Soledar.
    For the record I'm neutral, but alternative sources tend to communicate that Ukrainians were involved in a suicidal fight and it seems to me that this is not the case. There's pretty much a strategy here.

  4. The promptness or your updates is amazing. Much hard work no doubt, but it is very much appreciated. We can already see how the West is going to explain defeat, with comments coming from Blinken and Yellen about Russia being a "bully." Meaning, oh we in the West tried to save Ukraine but Russia is such a bully, so it wasn't our fault Ukraine lost. And I think people will lap it up because the economic woes in the West are so bad, that ordinary people are flat out trying to pay their rent/mortgage that they haven't got the mental energy to demand the truth.


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