Ukraine’s Bakhmut: Inside the frontline city • FRANCE 24 English

The eastern city of Bakhmut has become the most active and violent frontline in the Ukraine war. It is constantly pounded with both Russian and Ukrainian artillery, and infantry is fighting on the streets. Our reporters James André and Mayssa Awad spent six days inside Bakhmut. They followed Ukrainian soldiers fighting to hold the city and the last residents struggling to survive under constant shelling. This is their exclusive report.
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  1. a bit of outdated news… this major frontline city is already surrounded by russians as of today. have some family there rn…and they guy on the video is right – once this city is taken, Khramatorks and Slavyansk are gonna be pretty much the last ones to take in Donbass by russians to complete their mission. Thats where everything began in 2014

  2. You are our Hero!!!! You are saving democracy!!! More heroism!!! All civilized world with you!!! Thanks to your heroic fight our economy is recovering, more jobs, more businesses, we will remember your sacrifice for civilized humanity, you are not alone: Indians, Tasmanians, many aborigines around the world all those heroic people contributes to build our beautiful world and we remember them, we celebrate Thanksgiving every year… God Help You and God Bless America!!!

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