Ukraine’s DEVASTATING Attack On Russian Barracks

A Ukrainian missile attack on a site that housed both soldiers and ammunition has reportedly killed dozens of Russian soldiers, thought to be among the most lethal assaults by the Ukrainian military to date. The exact death toll and other circumstances surrounding the attack are still being sorted out, but both sides agree the bombing represents a serious blow to Russia and is raising questions about why troops and munitions were positioned within range of a Ukrainian missile attack.

Guest host Aaron Maté speaks with Marine Corps veteran and weapons inspector Scott Ritter about the nature of the attack and whether it represents a turning point in the war.

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  1. Glad to see the US isn’t the only country that no longer has the stomach or mind for war. What would the soviets have thought of modern Russians wavering over such comparatively minor losses when compared to the campaign against the Nazis? Is this a sign of a weaker or more morally upright society?

  2. well, it seems like the Ukrainian resistance surprised Putin. By the looks of it, Russia would have already lost this war without China's, North Korea's, and Iran's assistance. China is not helping Russia for free, they are going to make life much harder for Russia. We can only come to the conclusion as to who really won this war when the negotiated agreement is revealed by the end of this war.

  3. what about morale? What about motivation to fight? What about the crappy equipment and lack of weaponry on the Russian side along with the shitty strategy from the very start?If the Russians were as powerful as this guy says, they should have crushed the Ukraine with the first month or two.

  4. The fact that this attack is perhaps the most successful that Ukraine has launched tells you that they haven’t accomplished much even with NATO behind them. Ukraine has lost an enormous number of men and equipment with little to show for it. To my knowledge, Ukraine has not won a major engagement against the Russians anywhere and the Russians are getting ready to step this up.

  5. I don't know why governments are bitching about soldiers dying in war when that's exactly what happens.. they sound like a bunch of sissies. Wokism is infecting the rest of the world. Even the Russians are bitching about losing soldiers….wtf is going on? If Russia wanted they could end this war fairly quick the only problem is the consequences that come along with that

  6. Crappy take, Ritter. The Hot Take is that as soon as Russia has the Hard Evidence that the USA supplied the missiles for this attack and supplied the intelligence to plan the attack effectively, Russia will have Casus Belli against the USA. America has much – MUCH – more to lose in a nuclear exchange than Russia does

  7. I am a Marine and I worked with US intelligence agencies. Not being biased I agree with this Marines assessment and have thought this during the entire extent of this war. My question is why has Putin waited to end this war. I know that he has the ability and resources to finish it anytime he wants what is he waiting for? I know the US has their own agenda which mainly involves money laundering with this Administration. Other administrations would have definitely handled this differently and I don't understand why more people hasn't stood up to this, when I say more people I mean people in Congress and the Senate. I am sure it will happen but the scars left behind.

  8. Russia cannot back down any more than America could back down during the Cuban missile crisis.

    If Russia cannot save face with a “win”, ideally a buffer between Russia and NATO, Russia will use nukes. Not may, but will.

    Just like America had to make the difficult decision to use nukes in Japan to save American lives, America is pushing Russia into the same difficult decision.

    The nukes will be small to begin with, but they will be devastating.

    You may not like the bear, but if you keep poking it, it will strike.

    And it will be Ukrainians and Europeans who will feel the pain of that strike, while America sits back at a distance and tut-tuts and more arm sales $$

  9. With America involved to the tune of a few 100 billion, it’s either impressive patience or shameful fear that they don’t allow America to take massive losses. At the very least Russia should incinerate an American base in Syria every time they take losses by American weapons.

  10. Aaron , you are educated and sharp – in the best sense of the word. I am am just electrician, an old Reaganite, Catholic Union man who has been horrified since 2016 with the Russia collusion narrative, and now with this insane US provoked war in Ukraine.

    I understand you and Jimmy are to my left, but that is ok. I like you guys and we are all Americans. 🇺🇸

    We can settle on some compromise on domestic politics later. Now you and I – and Danny Haiphong for that matter, have the common goal of avoiding a nuclear war.

    Thank you so much for all your good work! You and the Gray Zone have opened my eyes; I appreciate it. And I like Kurt Too 😀. Ken

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