Ukraine’s failing counter-offensive

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the continuing bad news for Ukraine’s military as its counter-offensive fails to penetrate the outer lines of Russian defenses and appears to have halted.

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  1. Wow what a load of crap right off the bat. Saying its not going well then straight away saying they took a few farming villages. You mean 9 villages in total and they were heavily defended by Russian trench systems and mine fields. And the aim isn't just to "kill Russians" its to do what they successfully did 9 times forcing the Russians to drop their guns and retreat and be captured. It`s funny that Pro-Russians like these guys always try to say the counter-offensive has failed all while showing proof it hasn't and also only focusing on the initial Mechanised assault in which some western made vehicles were lost like that`s Russia`s big win in the war they`re failing in… How about you so called journalists with an obvious agenda go and do some real reporting instead of copy and pasting other news stories. Can`t write or something? How about you do some journalism into the Russian Barrier Troops who have been filmed shooting Retreating Russians? How about the war crimes Russia has committed? How about you write up something about how Russia completely failed in its invasion plans and are now fighting a war they can`t win, hence Russia being forced to defend? Or how the Russian military is so incompetent that it asked a PMC group to take Bakhmut because Russia needed a win. Or how Russia invading Ukraine has actually made Ukraine the most powerful Military in Europe? Watching these Pro-Russian channels you can just see they pick and choose what fits their narrative.

  2. The expected date of the presidential elections in Ukraine does not matter – Zelensky said that while the country is under martial law, no political changes are possible. All opposition parties are banned in the country, any opposition media are banned, the country has adopted a directive for a single information point of view. Probably there will be no elections at all, if they do, it will be a formal event, where there can be no opposition and opposition candidates. Otherwise, there will be no candidates other than Zelinsky, unless he himself appoints someone, and he will not appoint anyone – he revels in his role and enjoys a world tour in his green T-shirt – this is his life moment of glory.

  3. RUS has already lost at the strategic global level, but is trying to exit in a way that is politically feasible, where it gets some dirt in return and gives the appearance of exiting on its terms. Ukraine has won on many levels, but the defense has come at a huge cost to its economy and people. To imply that Ukraine is just kicking ass all the time, that it has not committed mistakes or that it has major gaps is misleading or naive. Both countries and their allies will try to give impression of victory to maintain momentum and political support, and is an expected part of their information war, psyops.

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