Ukrainian Soldier Responds After Being Caught Wearing A Rather Interesting Patch On His Arm

Ukrainian soldier is seen wearing a really sus patch during an ASSOCIATED PRESS video covering the conflict.


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  1. To be fair most of these guys arent professional soldiers there guys that maybe trained once a month and found themselfs in this position let's not act like war trophies arent a thing I know in would have taken the mothers shit who invaded my country but also fuck the ukraine inmate that my tax dollars are going to this shit this is none of our bussines

  2. U.S. funded ISIL, refused to cut off their supply lines, provided them with backdoor intel, and tried to guide them to make a controlled narrative during the last 10 years. They are the dirty mercenaries of the global conflict. This man wears their patch because he served with them, fighting for money to destroy the World.

  3. Libs don't have a problem with radical Islamic jihadist groups, as demonstrated by their generous gift of billions of dollars worth of arms to the Taliban in 2021, as well as their support by certain US Congressional groups. They are blind to queer folk being tossed off the roofs of buildings. Feminist attack dogs never whisper a word against the treatment of women by Muslims nor the ongoing gr–ming of children by said people in Great Britain. Hypocrites one and all – go Team Putin!

  4. I don't really believe anything about Ukraine or Russia. Quite honestly, I will never see any benefit of either country owning the other. I see it more likely being Biden is defending Ukraine to keep the depth of his corruption out of Russian hands. If Russia rolled into Ukraine and took it over, they would have complete access to records of all of the corruption between the Ukraine and its supposed allies. If Russia then expose that evidence to the world the allies could potentially be brought up on charges, charged with War Crimes, or even the political turmoil it might cause int heir home countries when massive wrongdoing was exposed. I also find it highly suspicious that other countries have garnered peace between Ukraine and Russia and the United States and its allies objected to it and pushed both sides back into fighting.

  5. I would actually love to know what the script translates to. I thought maybe it would've been something like "christian infidel" as a way to mock those muslim extremists. I'm down with that. But given his explanation, I'm guessing that's not what it means.

    In that case, it seems this guy is no military man. Because no military man would wear badges from a perceived enemy. Maybe he thinks it's a trophy, but that's not how a military man would see that, is the way I understand it.

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