Ukrainian Soldiers Execute Prisoners Of War – Admits U.S. Mercenary

NATO-supported mercenary Andrew Milburn recently got drunk and went on a podcast to reveal that Ukraine is a hopelessly corrupt nation and that the Ukrainian military commits atrocities, often executing captured Russian soldiers on camera. Nevertheless, he says, NATO needs to continue supporting this hopelessly corrupt country as a means of deterring Russia.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss this revealing report of the truth of what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine.

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  1. The Mozart Group is a private security company[1] operating in Ukraine during 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[1][2] The Mozart Group is composed of Western volunteers with military experience,[2] and provides military training, civilian evacuations and rescue, and humanitarian aid distribution.[1][2] It was founded in mid-March[1] by Andrew Milburn, a retired U.S. Marine colonel[2] Deputy Commander of Special Operations Command Central[3] who also serves as the head of Mozart Group.[1]

    The name of the group was chosen as a witty reference[2][1] and counterpoint[4][2] to the Russian mercenary Wagner Group,[1][2] both groups thus being named for German-speaking composers.[5] A rescued dog named Richie serves as the group's mascot.[1]
    In December 2022, The National, a Middle East English-language news outlet based in Abu Dhabi, reported – citing an anonymous Western security source operating in Ukraine – that military training of Ukrainian troops conducted by Mozart Group was greatly contributing to Ukrainian military capabilities. As a result, Mozart Group members found themselves on a Wagner PMC kill list, with Milburn designated as the prime target.[5]

    In December 2022, Andrew Milburn accused Ukrainian soldiers of war atrocities.[10]

  2. 4:18 "…it's not about that, it's about Global norms… it is a Just fight".
    Sure it is…
    Geez, the stupid is strong with this one.
    1.) No, they are not global norms. They are "Western norms".
    2.) And they are Norms, because the West has chosen to go with "Norms" rather than "Laws", because the West was continuously breaking international Laws, so had to move to a narrative they could define and change at will to suit themselves.
    3.) And this clown just recycles the same stupid mantra's vomited up by the Warfare Political Cabals.
    4.) If he could even define what he means by "Norms" I would be amazed. Unless he acknowledges he and they actually mean Western hegemony and full spectrum dominance of the rest of the world.
    But I doubt it, he just rationalises whatever he wants to do, with whatever expediently serves the purpose. This guy is not a deep thinker. He acknowledges he is working with criminals, but that is ok, because they are OUR criminals, right…?   And we are the good guys… so there!!! We never to anything wrong…

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