Uncovering the Shocking Truth: Rep. Massie Reveals How FBI and CIA Are Invading Your Privacy

Uncovering the Shocking Truth: Rep. Massie Reveals How FBI and CIA Are Invading Your Privacy

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  1. To be a sovereign nation that seems to have despised those who have been doing that which you have been denying them thereof years and centuries not decades of torture and tormented degrading and belittling and slandering depreciation in the process of law and order to make myself clear that is the problem at the house of cards you have been doing wrong in the world for the last one hundred years now to see you and your actions of narcissism and war against the united states citizens there's a big problem to be a part of humanity you have to be humane and I'm not the only one that you have been doing this stuff to my name is BIBEE I am the filibuster and the united states special agent top hat security over the entire government investigating the entire government investigating you all and I'm getting punished for things that I have never ever even done with the satanic and the rest of the insubordination and unorthodox mannerisms that you have been doing upon the nation that is not right now or ever the thought of you and your constituents committing these crimes against humanity and the united states citizens that is the only thing treason and international racketeering and human trafficking is being used as a weaponization you are so involved in the process of torturing everyone in the united states with the business in China and they are also friends with myself because they have the best of interest in my life without you being a bad person because I have been trying to stand up for their own sovereignty as well that is the truth to the world is not getting any better with your constant trying to make warfare they have had enough of the war's and the violence and technology that is not right now or ever I can't even decide whether it is racism or anything more sinister than anyone in the world has ever done the right to live in the world is not your place to be negligent and the right to have what you have been taking advantage of by means of force and using kidnappers and the other criminal actions that you have all took against your own enemies and you know your enemies quite well you pick on the people of faith and the bloodlines of course you do not favor like Jewish people and the African people and the French and the India's people and the European people and the Mexican people and the rest of the people that you have feelings that they don't have any rights at all to inheritance land and live in the comfort of their own homes for the people in power you are all monster's and traitors treasoners and crooks disgraces to the united states citizens and as well as the flag and American soils and the lord god almighty yahway himself and I don't have to disrespect anyone in Washington DC now because you have already been diagnosed by you all the biggest socialist group in the world and the united states citizens deal with enough torture from the people like y'all have you no respect for any human life and you no right to be in your own house and not in the streets without any kind of thing that you need to be able to survive without you breathing down their necks because they have me that is my job you have committed treason against us and you are fillibusted!

  2. The Dems are correct about one thing; we are a fascist nation…being run by the Dems.
    Fascism: "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism."

  3. Ordinary targeting starts from the guard noticing something going on, sees somebody who could have caused it, and directing attention to him. Reverse targeting is getting a name, looking for the person and presenting him to the group without the target's knowledge, and then producing the act (some actors would think it's for fun, like Candid Camera) to frame. It's evil

  4. As usual its yada yada yada yada. When I see on the news a line of federal traitors with cuffs on going to jail , charged and prosecuted , yes that would be you Mr. Wray and all your buddiesin CIA and other 3 letter agencies that have all gone rogue, a major cleaning of government is over due.

  5. Don't you wonder what these insurrectionists have in mind to replace the so-called abusive FBI & CIA? Would sworn MAGA supporters and Proud Boys be acceptable? So far their "whistle blowers" have proven to not actually work for the government, having no direct knowledge related to their testimony.

  6. I think we need to check into YouTube as well. I was told I was racist by a comment I made. I am anything but just like now they won't let me say the words I want to say I'm saying I am not a bad person I am an American and I have a right to say whatever I want to say and if you don't want to hear it don't read it don't look at it just don't listen. I do that everyday on these websites.

  7. These witnesses require questioning by professionals who handle questioning of terrorists. These people are enemies of America and should be treated as such. They require tough, rough handling to get to the truth. And prison, they are enemies, circumventing the rights guaranteed to every American citizen. The investigation questioning does not work. Bring on the professionals.

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