Unprecedented 5000% Surge in Trans Teens, What’s Behind the Startling Trend? | Miriam Grossman, MD

Miriam Grossman, M.D. is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. She has appears in the Daily Wire’s documentary What Is a Woman? and is the author of several books, including Unprotected, You’re Teaching My Child What?, and Lost in Trans Nation.

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. Correlation isn't causation. But the rise in gay acceptance correlates with cold war psyops. Promoting degeneracy in your rivals kingdom has long been used as a preliminary to invasion. Unconventional warfare. Do you really think you can let your government war upon the world without the world warring back?

  2. So basically, there is not a one size fits all solution to assumed transgenderism, especially in children. Each case is different. In a normal world, the absolute last resort for extreme cases only would be to harm a normal healthy body via medicalization altering hormones that potentially sterilize a healthy body and damage sexual organs that may inhibit them from ever working properly again which also threatens to harm future relationships. I cant even begin to imagine the devestating consequences of that alone. If i could not connect with the one i love in that way it would ruin me. Then, if they lost the abilty to produce children with the one they love that also would be devestating. To fast track all children presenting with possible gender disorder is evil and inhumane and no one can tell me different. This extreme one size fits all approach as a "standard of care" to treat CHILDREN is DELIBERATE and not rooted in love and compassion. Its intent is to harm people and society. If afults want to take this route, then by all means, it is their choice but please do not hurt the children whose brains and bodies have not even had the chance to develop yet. They cannot consent to lifelong medication and treatments. They cannot consent to destroying sexual function of their bodies and harming intimacy in future relationships. They cannot consent to destroying their chances of having children. They cannot concent to increasing their risks of cancer, other diseases, and early death due to the long term use of hormones. They cannot eving begin to comprehend any of these things. I know i couldnt 2,000%. Protect the children!

  3. As a medical doctor and someone with extensive training in neuroscience and psychiatry, also working across cultures, and against corruption for 30 years it’s important to note that a lot of what western mainstream corporate culture medicalises as illness is simply normal human experience in other cultures. What is considered normal and what is considered pathological varies across cultures and subcultures. I don’t agree with medical and surgical intervention for children. The medical fraternity in corporate cultures makes a lot of money of diagnosing people are abnormal in order to push a drug or an operation. you can discuss this issue without discussing the corruption in modern medicine. Don’t confuse culture with pathology and don’t pathologise outlier culture. Also don’t change your body to fit any cultural model in order to be accepted. Encourage children to be fully themselves in their God given body.

  4. I totally agree with her in her statement that there are many ways to be a boy.I was an example of this.As a teenager I was under 6 ft tall,cute and showed many feminine qualities.I still today get along better with females than males.At almost 60 I fought through the working class competing with males and over working hard in the workforce,using God’s gift to men,testosterone,in the gyms I now am very good looking alpha male that still has the feminine quality’s,long heathy hair and the right curves.I could imagine my self image stronger.If I were a teenager today someone would have convinced me I should become a female.Although I grew up in faith but don’t follow a religion I still believe in God.I have personally thanked him personally over the years in keeping me strong.I haven’t had family around for 40 years but that faith I received in my first 15 years has kept me alive,healthy and strong,for almost 6 decades.I’m humble opinion faith in most cases today is what is missing in young people.Today people are swamped with mostly the evil spirits through all media sources.It’s that rabbit hole that they talked about in the bible that at the time,I never really paid much attention too.

  5. Another way of looking at desistance is as a false positive. You want to keep false positives very low because giving a medical treatment and surgery when the person was in reality negative is detrimental, dangerous and harmful. If my doctor said I have leg cancer and they have to chop off my leg but then I asked, well, how often is your diagnosis wrong and the doctor says, between 60-90% of the time, THEN YOU DON'T CHOP OFF THE LEG!

  6. “A lot of them were gay and lesbian”
    Sorry, this is wrong too- it goes against why men and women were created. Those kids have deeper rooted issues. The fact this is never said is annoying and a disservice to the kids. Help them self reflect and be honest with themselves- because just like they weren’t trans, I guarantee they also are NOT gay or lesbian

  7. I just want to cry anymore over how we don’t protect the children in the world. It’s up to all of us stand up fight for laws that are very harsh for any crime against children. You r@pe a child you destroyed them for life. In my mind we should totally destroy the life of those criminals.They need you to stop letting it go. crimes against children should not be allowed to exist without extreme punishment

  8. around 1:00:00 "Unless you're asked for your specific opinion, I would say, 'Zip it.'" That advice can be applied to pretty much any subject, from how someone is lifting weights to what someone is eating to what someone is going through in their marriage or with their children. I don't offer my opinion about private matters unless asked.

  9. Its population control – all these babies will be sterile when all is said and done – the ultimate desire of this push. The money people have paid to have this theory indoctrinated everywhere and with everyone associated with the WEF and the Soros group – mind and population control 100%

  10. It could be a genetic source (genotype) triggering this phenomenon most likely in the X and Y chromosomes, deepening on their physical gender. I believe this change is active with early childhood onset but something else is involved with post-puberty children (environmental, psychological, etc.)

  11. I despise the people of colour and minority terminology with a passion. I am God's masterpiece, tearfully and wonderfully made. Even the alphabetic community could be classified as a minority. The Democrats is like a vampire it drain the life out of everything it touches.

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