UNSEEN Videos: The QLD Police Shootings

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Were the hidden and deleted videos a manifesto by the Trains?
Do the videos provide clues as to why Queensland police were killed?
This video analyses the videos posted by Gareth Daniel Train and Stacey Jane Train.
It then looks at some media coverage and issues with certain media.
This video is not meant to be conclusive and there are various and numerous unknowns which may later be known and provide conclusive evidence.

Edit: 1:04:30 was supposed to be a clip of a woman I filmed who said she was on the far-left at a protest one week after the Grand Final in 2021.

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Written by True Arrow

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  1. Hey there happy New Year LoL. I’m ex NSW police. No1 these incidents are not new, our history is littered with these types of homicides. Police ARE trained to recognise and respond to such incidents, or at least they were? I have attended many such possible occurrences when stationed in country NSW. Of course not being there I don’t know what exactly transpired but those cops did not take appropriate safety measures and that has to be scrutinised. By the way Terra Nulls as applied to Australia was a LIE! Read Sydney’s first 4 yrs by Capt. Watkin Tench. And regarding Aboriginal being primitive read Treading Lightly (author unknown). Oh and just FYI Irish and Scots are both Celtic so perhaps he knew more than you n that one. I know this is long but fir some more context a tribe in North Eastern NSW was hunted and killed for supposedly stealing sheep. After the massacre it was uncovered that it was actually white runaways from their indenture here so criminals, who stole the sheep. This did not bring back the dead. The murderers were never prosecuted. And this was one of many such incidents. Wasn’t Geronimo murdered in a US fort after voluntarily turning himself in for a warrant?

  2. A product of race mixing….. race mixing causes schizophrenia. Also a product of "universiality" (marxist humanity and liberalism and "human rights"…. which is Ironic coming from them) and relativism which re-inforces schizophrenia. Also a product of endless victim syndrome where once all the alleged perpetrators are gone (white people) or in the case of feminism (men) they will turn on themselves in one giant purity spiral until they start to realize that one has to have personal responsibility. The whole leftist playbook leads to the elimination of the "exterior problem"…. but doesn't say how they are going to feel happy and live happily there after (once they have removed the target of their frustration).

  3. Theres a reason its called "The project" I suggest you do your research.

    Same for port Arthur

    Same for mossad

    Same for cia

    It appears the trains & the neighbour were both killed by hired goons masquerading as police to shut them up & get the land for the pipeline according to a fb post about a drunk cop spilling the beans

  4. This is a good report, a lot of details which failing stream media failed to show. ultimately we have famefools within media circles and govt(in this case qld po-lice service) who are driven by 5 mins of fame and not the truth. Unfortunately two souls are gone but woke bureaucracy are not taking responsibility for actions of their making.

  5. #JikkyLeaks

    need to be investigated?

    That is an understatement.

    Stanford Prof Ioannidis et al Covid pre-vaccination Infection Fatality Rate paper is now peer-reviewed & published. Conclusions all same.

    Age Infection Survival Rate
    0-19 99.9997%
    20-29 99.997%
    30-39 99.989%
    40-49 99.965%
    50-59 99.871%
    60-69 99.499%

    but no

    We Are Cookers.

    There are a lot of people pissed off they were coerced, and do not know where to channel that anger other than to point out Cookers.

  6. This is a very good video and well done! Yes there definitely is an agenda to paint regular conservatives as Nazis and so on. There are those who are acutely aware of the media agenda and those hook line and sinker believe all that comes from them, this is especially so with the ABC. Sorry for the Police killed! Again great work!

  7. Great presentation-, Fiona Barnett exposed satanism in the government, the Church the media and Freemason lodges it made national news for a day or so then disappeared without any action-she is worth a look called 'candy girl'…..not sure if she disappeared or not there were rumors…

  8. Your opinions seem to be jaded by the belief of the official Narrative, of that tragic day.. like who shot the neighbour.. just like your Narrative at the end about the Victorian police.. if corruption amongst the police ranks wasn't systemic, why didn't the (majority of) GOOD police stand up, and stop the radical fringe amongst their ranks.. stop drinking the Kool-Aid..

  9. State boarders are illegal, invisible lines. Read your constitution and act on it. The entire stage show was nothing but exactly that. A few patsy's down and they get their golden tickets in OUR PARLIAMENT. The Peoples PARLIAMENT. Echoes of Port Arthur ? 100%. Australians are so far behind and so entwined in their matrix world, they have no chance.

  10. FYI I called ABC to complain, when lockdown restarted, as the show broadcast at noon, a rape scene.
    The call was picked up by a "working from home" ABC employee with a loud baby, heard in the background.
    After trying to explain my complaint that home schooling had restarted and I put the ABC channel on at noon for a break.. to see a rape scene with children at home.. I was told to just watch i view kids ABC channels instead.
    I called again hours later.
    Same person answered the phone and told me she was the only one taking complaint calls.
    The show was a repeat from an earlier date.
    Just thought you might want to know their incompetency in handling an urgent complaint.
    I recorded the scene and told her that I would be keeping it as evidence.



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