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Unvaccinated nurses can FINALLY return to work in Queensland, but there’s a catch!



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  1. So hold on let me get something straight, did I hear right?

    They want to remove the health directive for the unvaccinated healthcare workers no matter what but want to drag it out for two extra weeks with a consultation knowing they will end it in two weeks anyway?

    This is just delay bully tactics designed to disadvantage a minority group even further for no benefit! If I was a QLDer I would be writing in protest to QLD Health telling them to go and hang their heads in SHAME!

  2. Hardly surprising given there wasn’t one medical fact to back the original decision up, it’s a crime to think these people are actually supposed to be responsible for practicing responsible medicine. There have been dozens of medically peer reviewed medical papers available for the last 2 years..😊

  3. Whatttt!! But shouldn't all of the "Antivaxers" be dead already from severe illness!! It was a Pandemic!! 🤔

    Only the Miracle Elixir can save you! The ABC & Mainstream media said…

    Strange how there are large amounts of excess deaths lately if you care to peruse various government reporting agencies.

  4. (To the tune of “she’ll be coming round the mountain”)

    You can stick your shithouse job right up your arse

    You can stick your shithouse job right up your arse

    You can stick your shithouse job

    Stick your shithouse job

    Stick your shithouse job right up your arse

  5. Why “consultation” if the “health advice” is to remove the mandate?
    Because “consultation” is a smoke screen for a plain and simple voting system. Politics …as simple as that.
    Just like when aldi “consulted”. It was essentially a vote. No consulting with individuals. No consideration for the 30% that voted against mandates. It was medical coercion by majority vote. Got terminated from a senior executive role and treated like a leper after over a decade of loyal service.

  6. What they do this now????? Why not last year at end of April this is loads of bullshit it has to be in 2 weeks???? Why not now??? Oh wait covid still exist???? Bullshit my ass

    This is all about control crap feel sorry for nurses i use to date a nurse after we stopped seeing each other before 2020….. I could imagine did she taken jab or not if not I feel bad for her she loved nursing

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