Ursula f*cked up…

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Ursula f*cked up…

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  1. If they are going to penalise Russia and take the peoples money, because of russias war on Ukraine, then it would seem fair to me that a lot of countries around the world can start making similar claims against NATO members whom have led and are still leading conflicts across the world? Perhaps this is a good idea and I would support it if it is applied equally and fairly to all nations because it may stop nations like the US just starting wars all over the place for their personal economic and global interests. I can only imagine the length of the list of countries and the amount of money that NATO members must owe to countries in for example, the middle East and Africa for all the constant conflicts that they have either instigated or supported with weapons and financial aid. At present the US is occupying 1/3 of Syria and starving its people leading to mass death, they have been supporting the saudi Arabian genocide in Yemen which has left an estimated 400k dead so far, and they have been bombing Somalia. These 3 examples are all currently happening and we know about them even though the western media never reports on them …. because the west is supposedly the "good guys"? It disgusts me and is why I have zero interest in anything our media tries to tell me, because I can see the way they pick and choose what they tell me to try and keep me supporting our maniacal leaders who appear to do war for profit and political reasons and just don't care about all the death, destruction and misery it brings.

  2. What’s I learned about the G7 and the democratic system is to totally abandon the wrongs doings all, from to seeking wars with the Nato allies as Boring advised without any responsibility for their actions especially the wars they needed! How’s about the Stealing of the Syria 🇸🇾 oil, pipeline violations and intentional destruction of the development process for the People prosperity, thence leaving the Un! Nothing helps, except for getting what ever needs and lawlessness of withdrawal of the Money from the Swamp to be your own personal lives!
    How’s sadness gone down the next day when nothing ethically changes, how does the next generation’s? To do or anything wrong with the personal weapons, it’s so scary to the USA people were shot down millions people in republic crimes when they couldn’t control their emotions!
    How’s your bases doing in what you’re own rules that can be used for the Propaganda and benefit to twisted the truth!
    Please don’t lie about the Murder scooper on one side right, since to be genocide and encourage the sexual assault on the others wife’s was not acceptable in the Human society, hope your Self searches! Be dared to be wrong doing but dared not to accept it 🙏🏻! How’s cow 🐮.

  3. The "horrors of Booca" was perpetrated by Ukraine and the public excuse made by Zelensky for not continuing with the negotiated peace agreement with Russia in April. The real reason Zelensky didn't continue with the peace agreement was because BoJo told him not to do so. Zelensky genuflected to the wishes of his western superiors as a good servant should

  4. The casualties is about accurate according to Douglas McGregor and Scott Rita ,but if the West was to know the real kill count the government may loose public support. Two hundred thousand injured as well,God help the Ukrainian people being used by a corrupt government and the West as cannon fodder.

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We Are Using Ukraine To Do WHAT?!

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