US, Global Support For Ukraine Aid PLUMMETS | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss new polling data from The United States and around the world on how much support for continuing aid to Ukraine has dropped.

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  1. Absurd to think we can't help Ohio AND Ukraine, After WW2 we did the Marshall plan because Europe was really suffering. I hate when one problem is waved around in front of another problem, this is just like The illegals are taking our jobs, or why help immigrants when there are homeless veterans. How about both. We misuse our money all the time.

  2. The money being sent to Ukraine will never be diverted to Ohio or for any civilian purpose. If it stops going to Ukraine, it will go back into the US defense budget. Spending the 5-10% of our defense budget to have Ukraine decimate Russia's military and economy is the most worth purpose ever! No US soldiers have been killed and we are weakening one of our biggest rivals on the global stage. We should fund to the end!

  3. Most of Europe wouldn't say the USA was defending democracy as they don't view the USA election system as actually democratic with different states getting different amounts of influence (and several areas getting no vote), the huge corporate+billionaire spending, the efforts to stop people voting, etc.

  4. Maybe the Republicans can quit looking at Hunters dick pics. Than investigate the act of war the Biden administration did against Russia and Germany. Blowing up the Nordstrom pipeline. He should be impeached and removed. Also Trump needs to be charged for 1/6/21. This f ing government needs to be disinfected from these 2 corrupt parties.

  5. I still believe in supporting Ukraine, but I approach the situation by considering cause and effect. While it is true that the bad guys took over in the past, it ultimately helped the country survive an onslaught from external forces. However, if the good guys took over but couldn't withstand the same onslaught, the outcome would be very different.

    It's important to recognize that not all bad guys are the same. Killing Jews, for example, is completely unacceptable, but there may be actions that fall somewhere in the middle of doing good and genocide that make it difficult to draw a clear line. It's possible that in Russia, for example, Nazis may be targeting Antifa members who are not the same as their counterparts in the United States. Historically, Russians have been against Nazis, but there may be Russian nationalists who align with their beliefs. Additionally, the band Moscow Death Brigade is not composed of Russian nationalists, and even if they were, they would not have the same ideology as the Russian nationalist supremacy similarities to the Nazi party.

    In summary, while it's important to support Ukraine, we should approach the situation with a nuanced understanding of the circumstances and avoid oversimplifying complex issues. chat gpt rewrote it for me lol.

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