US LOSES IT At China’s Ukraine Peace Deal | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar react to the US rebuking China’s proposed cease fire plan in the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine.

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  1. Nixonian and Kissingerian strategy.😂😂Saagar, employing his stinktank tankie bonafides to wow himself into a sexual frenzy. The split between these business partners will be interesting, as Saagar is increasingly unable to control his id blurtings becoming increasingly Freudian, and Krystal eventually realising him as far too boyishly Assholian; disrupting the Chi vibe. Their point/counterpoint coupling investment may have peaked on this very interesting experiment; it's surely spawned some interesting branches with their own "B team" and their last employers, the right leaning The Hill, hitting hard with their own duo of right left monologuerians. The combination of Washingtonarian insiderarianism fetishizationarianism, desperation to indulge in the monologuing, and eventual morphing into what they both claimed to leave the MSM for, has become an indulgent spoken word shitshow. Saagar needs a cigar lounge, Krystal, hopefully she figures out what she needs; presently she needs a blonde. They're making bank though and the upcoming 2024 struggles will likely reveal them more as they try to remain a cordial coupling. The very early SNL's Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain did this shit best because it was fake open parody, done for laughs; imagine if they were real and were business partners, forced into being pals via a business model, rightfully pissed off by their own incestuously wretched industry.

  2. Putin is not taking former territory. He wants territory that was never part of the Russia SSR inside the USSR. So that is a false statement.
    China was also friends with the USSR and now it is only friends with a part of the former USSR. Being very friendly only to the Russian SSR part or Russia Fed and ignoring the Ukraine SSR which was also part of the USSR. No explanation or discussion about this fact ?

    China would be happy to see Ukraine territory taken by Russia so that the territorial rules are no longer applicable and so called historical rules apply. They could eventually invade and retake northern Manchuria. Putin does not care about this part because he will be dead in years ahead , when China finally does this.

  3. CBS just ran a great propaganda piece on 60 min highlighting our great Navy. Not highlighted were the massive suicides on these Naval vessels caused by indifferent leadership, see USS George Washington alone had 12 suicides last year with no outrage by our media. How great do you think the morale of our fleet is ? China reads our news. I ache for the families of these sailors.

  4. ukraine has always been one of the most corrupt countries, that's why the new liquidity swap is so elaborate because they don't trust Ukrainian govt and controls. That's why the Clintons and Bidens and Epstein have so many interests in Ukraine. Before modern tech, Kiev was called "the gateway to Europe" and has always been an important area for many reasons, many hidden groups have bases here as a result.

  5. 3:30 WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! You are so stupid!!! The territory of the Soviet Union never belonged to Russia!!! They have absolutely NO CLAIM on any former Soviet Republics!!!!! ARE YOU HIGH!!!!! Russia was itself a Republic within the UNION of Republics, equals among equals. The territory of the Ukrainian Republic belongs to Ukraine or else the territory of what was the Russian Republic DOES NOT belong to present day Russia!!!!!! PERIOD!

  6. Same mistake was made in 1973. Look at Communist China now. Neither lopsided left or right or war or peace is right. Ignoring a person with a gun against your head and saying let's talk it out where the benefit goes to the opposition. Trilateral Agreement. It did not include China. China did not get a damn thing from that until Clinton. Stop. Saagar you missed that bit. China and Soviets fighting over borders. Disagreeing on the basis of what version of Communism to follow. Diplomacy is not that simple it involves multiple parties with motivations that are not aligned. What price does Russia pay to China?

  7. As crass as he was about international politics and regardless of being a crook, on this Trump was right: China and Russia are America's worst enemies. He, perhaps instinctively, recognized the predators in Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and was willing to find a way to neutralize them – sadly wasn't savvy enough to do it. Still his administration was a leg ahead of Biden's, who can't even recognize the threat for what it is.

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