US Navy behind Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion ? What’s next ?

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has come up with an explosive claim that it was the US Navy divers who planted the bombs that destroyed the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines under the Baltic Sea last September.

Seymour Hersh, an 82-year-old US-based journalist, claimed in his blogpost that Americans planted remotely-triggered explosives that damaged the three of the four pipelines built to carry natural gas from Russia to Europe. 
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  1. There were MANY senetors and government officials including Joe Biden himself that said that NS2 would never see operation. They said that long before it happened. Ted Cruz said it multiple times, Tom Cotton, Victoria Nuland, and multiple others have stated that if Russia invaded Ukraine NS2 is toast.

  2. Revelation 18:7-8 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

  3. Correction.. Sweden Norway and Germany conducted their own 'investigations'.
    ALL shut them down without a conclusion.
    ALL did not mention Russia did it.
    ALL refused to publish their findings.
    ALL shutout the NS part owner Gazprom of participation or sharing of their findings incl Germany, the other part owner.
    This smelled from that day on. We all knew it could only be the US esp given the bragging by Nuland and Biden and the sophistication required and possibly the UK given their Ukraine stupidity.
    Now we know a EU and NATO country, Norway attacked one if its own member alliance states.
    This is an act of war by the US and Norway. It is outrageous.
    We know Germany was briefed on it. Where is the German people screaming about this betrayal?
    The EU should be screaming about this Von Der Leyen saying harsh words and stern looks but nothing will come of her 'investigations'.
    Norway has tb kicked out of the EU and NATO.
    The US must be sanctioned and kicked out of NATO. But of course the EU is patheticall weak and the US has played Europe like fools to suck them into this disastrous war.
    The US has their EU patsies fighting their arch enemy without any loss of troops and some hardware cost. Super win for them.
    Oh and they can supply LNG to the EU at jacked up prices.
    The evil colonial empire strikes. They are living the good life right now.
    Ball is in the EU's Court. What to do now?.
    BTW the astounding level of detail means 1 or more people on these teams were not OK w this. Great to see.

  4. This terrorist act cut the last thread of credibility of America in the world community of nations.
    Without the gang of 4 arrested, put under sworn testimony and tried in a public trial, America has lost all credibility.
    This and the coming western financial collapse- are the end of the American hegemon and $ as reserve currency.
    With the illegal seizure and confiscation of 100's of billion Russian foreign reserves and assets in the west, proxy war it started and maintains in Ukraine, and now this terrorist attack on #1- Germany, #2- Europe in general and #3- Russia- America has made virtually everyone an enemy with harsh claims on America.
    America is headed for pariah status.
    FJB and his team finished off America in one 4 year term.
    How is that for a legacy?
    FJB will go down in history as the most corrupt and disastrous president in US history.

  5. Is it right and justified?

    Is the "murderous assault"- invasion of Ukraine, – right and justified?

    Because Russia is/was using the pipeline as a weapon against Ukraine, Europe , and the West.

    Russia was/is using it to weaken Germany, Europe, and the West – and to divide them , – to support its unprovoked invasion/stealing/coveting of Ukraine's lands/resources – to steal, murder and destroy a smaller neighboring country for its own imperialist ambition and interests , using the 'de-nazification' excuse and 'protection' of Russian' Donbas excuse .

    All based on paranoid delusions of NATO, and its Russian empire ambition.

    Is this right and justified?

  6. The criminal Deep State in the U.S. government must be stopped. Only American citizens can do it. The Nordstream sabotage was the most heinous terrorist act since 911, not to mention the largest eco-terrorist act in human history. All bad actors need to be held accountable, exposed and prosecuted. These people are psychopathic and going to get us all killed.

  7. This might have been Let's Go Brandon's idea. Only a demented fool would think that they could blow up a gas pipeline whose operation was in the direct interest of Russia and blame it on the Russians. That anyone believed it for a second speaks only of how transfixed by propaganda people have become. They all support "the current thing" which at this time is to channel your anger for the Two Minutes of Hate at "Putin man bad".

    The perpetrators of this attack should be brought before an international tribunal and tried for attempting to start World War III. They should be, but they won't because there is no justice in the world at this time.

  8. Dr. Martenson, you are months behind now. It was the US who set them up to blow up that pipeline and the UK to do the actual sabotage. They felt they needed to do this to force Germany to move on and economically fight Russia. Germany somehow knew how and who did it but they chose to keep quiet and move on. This was an ally doing violence to another ally, someone was very impatient.

  9. Joe Rogan (14.1M YouTube subs, not counting any other platforms) should interview: Seymour Hersh … as soon as possible …

    Not only to put the record straight but to make it impossible for the Liberal mass media to help cover up, twist, mis-frame, downplay, willfully ignore, willfully play dumb etc. etc. thus becoming complicit in a crime against humanity … When the interview is done it will be most likely copied & shared in all social media platforms including Liberal dominated platforms … Not to mention the whole world seeing it too! … Time for the mass media to be held accountable!

    If enough lobby for the above … via leaving comments like these on all big YouTube channels discussing this topic, we may succeed! … Maybe it already planned but in case it is not: lobbying for Seymour Hersh to be on Joe Rogan is also a protection of his life … if he succeeds to be on Joe Rogan it would be less likely for him to be "suicided" as that draws only much more attention!

    If Seymour Hersh dies we would never hear his side to the level we needed it to hear … we only have to go on one extensive report and 1000s of interpretations of it. So him being on Joe Rogen Show is the ultimate eye-opener for all "doubters".

    John 🦜🦋🌳

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