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Victoria Police settlement payouts revealed

Victorian Liberal Democrat MP David Limbrick discusses how Victoria Police has paid more than $42 million in civil and legal settlements over the past five years.

“It shouldn’t be any surprise that when huge numbers of laws that are very confusing to enforce and don’t have public buy-in that there’s going be mistakes with how they’re implemented,” Mr Limbrick told Sky News host Pita Panahi.

“What we really hope though is that they change the way they do things going forward.”

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  1. More proof who the real enemies are! The corrupt government and the criminals wearing police uniforms should be held accountable for what they did. They were in total breach of the laws of this country and it brought to light the sadistic and psychopathic nature of these public servants…. One would wonder if these sick people were purposely selected because of their low IQ and compromised mindsets! Whistleblowers are coming out and these people will be held accountable!

  2. the purpose of the police was deliberately corrupted decades ago by pollyticians! the purpose of police is two-fold! to prevent crime and to solve crime!

    nowadays, police serve two entirely different purposes – revenue raisers and brown shirts! and no, it's not directly the fault of the police! but of the career pollyticians who serve themslves at our expense

    'career pollyticians' have brougt down every major civilization over the last 6,000 yrs and they're doing it again as we stand idly bye

  3. "Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse for breaking it".
    "A huge number of laws that are confusing to enforce."
    If I'm held to account and prosecuted for my ignorance of confusing laws as a private citizen, then police, who enforce those laws AND are TRAINED in its use, should be held to a much higher accountability. And yet they enforce their interpretation with absolute immunity. PsOS!

  4. You Victorians, I have to hand it to you, your govt suckerpunched you in the head and still say they were right , what I cannot get around my head is that you allowed this moronic cretin, back in office , I'm not sure about you but I have something for Dan and his filthy cronies, it's an industrial shredder . Pure filth ,never forget ,those of you with half a brain

  5. Maybe in ten years when everyone gets over the debacle of the Morrison government and gets tired of Labor. Until then you are on your own Rita. lol. Liberal opposition? lol. Damn you guys really did a number on the Liberal Party. Are you sure they want your support anymore Sky News Australia? Surely has not helped so far. Keep up the good work. lol. Everyday more and more people ignore Sky News Australia. I love to watch for a giggle. Tonight was hilarious! You have got to love the staff turn over as well. Every month is a new show! lolololololol. Somebody new to spew falsehoods. :-). oops where did they go? Oh well then get some other despot on the edge of the media or I know how about we just get anybody willing to do it? lolololololol.

  6. All police are scum wearing uniforms. I will certainly NEVER trust or call on these bastards ever again. F-ing lowlife scum. There is actually more honour amongst criminals. I believe Australians really must consider hiring private security who are not connected to corrupt governments in any way. Just get rid of the police, they are useless if they can't be trusted.

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