Victoria Secret COLLAPSES After Going Woke & Failing Epically! CEO Out After MASSIVE Losses!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. People are fat because of biological warfare. They're trying to cover their own ass by making it a political ideal you're supposed to fight for and not discriminate against. It's a disease of the mind. There's nothing wrong with a few people being fat… But this is disgusting. Real beauty takes hard work and discipline. It's not about having a lack of control and stuffing your face with donuts. Stop destroying the gender roles.

  2. When they charge 60 dollars for an bra that falls apart after a couple wears, it's a problem. They became a big brand because they had sexy but not trashy styles of above average quality products that were still affordable as a splurge for even working class people. But their quality started to slip, their styles became dated or just unsexy, their prices for underwear barely better than bulk at Target was far too high for mediocre quality ugly panties and bras. And they stopped being comfortable.

    This is just the stuff that women have complained about for years, and their leadership only heard the .02 percent of people that weren't even their customers.

  3. Not the biggest brand turn around though. Let's not forget about the democratic party. They used to push racism by claiming that black people are garbage. Now they push racism by saying white people are garbage. They still have like segregation, hate for America, Joe Biden, and shit like that. But it's a massive rebranding.

  4. Whoever was responsible for their marketing and image shift should be fired. Victoria Secret was known for their models and people that shopped there, shopped there because wearing the brand that these models were wearing made them feel good about themselves. Then the company decided to move away from the good-looking models and towards the average population. In trying to make a political statement, they essentially took their product from model level to Walmart level (no shade to Walmart). The public reacted logically in thinking, why pay for model level prices for Walmart level imaging, when I can just go to Walmart or other stores.

  5. Being surrounded by pictures of good looking people having fun will get you to spend. Being surrounded by a bunch of fatties will get you to leave. That's hardwired into our brains and psychology 101. There's people working at these companies that have probably been there a while and need the money or enjoy the job. This is totally irresponsible by the woke management to sink the company.

  6. There's a very simple fix to all of this. Stop putting SJWs in charge of anything. There is an abundance of their failure to clearly show it. Corporations are only doing this because they are getting bailed out with our tax money. Once that stops, they know they are f*cked and will change their tune real quick, like we are starting to see play out. Demonizing the core consumer for niche audiences is not a smart business strategy. But hey, the galaxy brains know what's best for business and will go down with the ship as we continue to laugh at them.

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