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‘Victorians Will Not Forget’ with Ian Cook

Brought to you by SJ Venues, Hopper Motor Group, The Little Environeers and Jagger Watches, this is the pre-election dinner hosted by Discernable and Voice for Victoria.

As well as recording a live episode of the PollieBites podcast, we had an extended panel + audience discussion about the probable outcomes of the 2022 Victorian election.

With special guests Ian Cook (Independent for Mulgrave against Premier Daniel Andrews), Paul Hopper (Independent for Werribee against Treasurer Tim Pallas), Krystle Mitchell (former Acting Senior Sergeant of Victoria Police), and Ken Phillips (Self Employed Australia), watch an extended cut of the evening at: Warning: Explicit Language

Throughout the show you will notice Matt and Emily wearing stunning timepieces. These were on loan from Jagger Watches who has kindly extended a huge 30% discount to all Discernable viewers. Use the code discernable at checkout to save 30% on your own timepiece at

Hopper Motor Group, a family business selling vehicles since 1962, kindly sponsored the evening because they believe in building long term relationships with Victorians, not just customers. They are dealers of Jeep, Fiat, Hyundai, Isuzu Ute, Kia, and Renault.

The venue (Cargo Hall, South Wharf) was secured for us by SJ Venues, who provide a free service to find and negotiate your next function. It doesn’t make sense to do it any other way.

Tamieka from Little Environeers is also a proud sponsor, and runs nature playgroups and sustainability drop-off workshops for children aged 0-6 in Melbourne. Embracing all that nature has to offer, Little Environeers does not shrink back from the dirty, the fascinating and the rough and tumble of a real childhood education, blending play and research for your little ones.

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  1. Friendly Jordies must be taken seriously as should the opposition to the work done, if we are gonna get anywhere we need to stop labeling the small guy no matter the side of the debate while the big players are screwing us we are looking for excuses to except that for reality. I honestly don’t subscribe to FJ cause I think the dude talks like an infant, but nonetheless if you shut down any speech you are only book burning your mind and the ability for honest intelligence.

  2. Yes, but what all us pure bloods wanna know is not which party to vote for but when are all the people that have pushed The 'Vaccine' onto others will be punished?
    All doctors and nurses, all Media persons, All Government officials, all head masters and heads of Uni's, All Police chiefs and all celebrities that pushed this crap need to be rounded up and asked these three questions
    1 Did you arrange to get an 'exemption' for you and your family, if so why?
    2 After securing the said exemption did you systematically inject all of your patients and refuse to sign any affidavits or medical exemptions for others?
    3 Did you write 'Covid' on many elderly persons death certificates in order to increase the Covid numbers for the Cabal?
    The information regarding their 'exemptions' should be easy enough to trace..

  3. I will vote against Dan Andrews and his ugly vision of the world at virtually any cost. He produced the worst outcomes in the country during the pandemic, and he encouraged an attitude of Twitteresque callousness and cruelty in the public discourse at the same time. We need sophisticated, competent leaders during difficult times. Needless to say he doesn’t qualify.

  4. My doctor wanted to give me a vaccination exemption because he agreed I was at risk but was worried about losing his registration if he did.

    The lack of an exemption cost me and my employer work because we couldn't get on site.
    The site is in the country and has 2 or 3 other people there.
    We were lucky and could do a fair bit of work from home.

    I finally only got an exemption after getting Covid (a mild cold):
    Even then my doctor was worried when he issued me the exemption.

    I'm all for reasonable public health measures but not letting doctors determine if a patient at risk of an adverse side effect is dangerous.

    The ALP needs to stop meddling in people's lives and stick to managing the state.

    Dan would probably win the election if he stuck to undergrounding railway crossings and returning control of utilities (power and gas) to the public.
    He's likely to lose the election because of too much social engineering.


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CBDC and the Fed’s Plan to Weaponize Money

Daniel Andrews is SCARED to show his face

Daniel Andrews is SCARED to show his face