Viral origins, the stitchup

Entire Wuhan Institute virus database taken offline on 12 September 2019

On 12 September 2019 the Wuhan Institute of Virology,

took its entire virus database offline

The renewed publication of this virus database would be an important step towards clarifying the origin of the current ‘corona pandemic’.

WHO abandons plans for crucial second phase of COVID-origins investigation

Maria Van Kerkhove, epidemiologist, WHO in Geneva, Switzerland

There is no phase two

Plan for phased studies, that plan has changed

The politics across the world of this really hampered progress on understanding the origins

The World Health Organization (WHO),

has quietly shelved the second phase,

scientific investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan

But without access to China, there is little that the WHO can do to advance the studies

Their hands are really tied

January 2021

Phase one report, March 2021

The presence of SARS-CoV-2 has not been detected through sampling and testing of bats or of wildlife across China.

More than 80 000 wildlife, livestock and poultry samples were collected from 31 provinces in China,

no positive result was identified for SARS-CoV-2 antibody or nucleic acid before and after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in China.

The possible 4

direct zoonotic spillover is considered to be a possible-to-likely pathway

introduction through an intermediate host is considered to be a likely to very likely pathway

introduction through cold/ food chain products is considered a possible pathway

introduction through a laboratory incident was considered to be an extremely unlikely pathway

For each of these possible pathways of emergence, the joint team conducted a qualitative risk assessment

The team …. prioritized further studies that would potentially increase knowledge and understanding globally.

Further analysis, will examine

Spatial and temporal correlations and correct for underlying biases in sampling

Assessing wild-animal markets in and around Wuhan

Analysis of trade and history of trade in animals and products in other markets,

particularly in markets epidemiologically linked to early human cases or sequence data

Surveys of susceptible animals in farms in South-East Asia (for viruses related to SARS-CoV-2)

Widespread livestock testing

Widespread testing wildlife samples for SARS-CoV-2 related viral sequence and antibodies

Audits of labs in the area

Convene a global expert group to support future joint traceability research on the origin of epidemics.

Present day

Zhao Lijian, China’s foreign ministry

the second phase should not focus on pathways the mission report had already deemed extremely unlikely

Researchers are undertaking some work

Efforts to trap bats in regions bordering China

Testing of archived wastewater and blood samples

Gerald Keusch, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory Institute, Boston University

The origins investigation was poorly handled by the global community.

It was poorly handled by China.

It was poorly handled by the WHO

The WHO should have been relentless in creating a positive working relationship with the Chinese authorities,

if it was being stonewalled, it should have been honest about that.

Thea Fischer, a public-health virologist at the University of Copenhagen

(initial team member)

I still hope that progress will be made

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. They don't have excess to the labinfo from China because US won't allow it. Because China would enclose the involvement of the US in this GoF lab. This is the lab that was replaced from US to China by the Obama regime.
    The information about the replacement of this lab was known in 2020 and before and that's how I know it. But the information is not findable in searches anymore. It is shadowbanned information now.
    Nowadays it's like this: if you can find the information on the internet it is either not harmful for Big Money or Big Power or the information is falsefied

  2. We may not have access to China but we do have Fauci, Gates et al who know (but deny) exactly what has occurred. All of them needs their records, phones, emails etc impounded and searched. Criminals pure and simply. Disband the WHO and all it’s governmental lackeys. They think we are all thick.

  3. Yes, I would like to know if you can locate Lee Kuan from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Health from the National University of Singapore. I would like to have some transparency about your evidence including bribes to have negative tests for those PCR Tests conducted. John, you are lying to your audience and you can be sued for falsehood. If I was you, I would desist further from such pretences. You even pass off the Dr. as if you are a medical doctor when you in fact hold a PhD in nursing education. Quite a huge difference between the two roles and occupations.

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