Wagner Looking To Include Chasiv Yar in the Encirclement? | Full Front Update 28/02/23

Geroman talking about Chasiv Yar:


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  1. I don't know about other subscribers, but I most value your concise but detailed comments on what has happened, rather than lengthy speculation about what may happen. Although it is not the job of these daily updates to include figures detailing the loss of life taking place on both sides, it needs to be in our minds at all times, so please can the speculation about future operations be kept to a minimum? We all know that war should never be viewed as a game and our opinions make no difference to the eventual outcome. What will be, will be. Let's leave operational tactics in the hands of those on the ground that make the real decisions. For everyone else, it is our job to keep informed and fight the wall of ignorance and propaganda that is all around. For this channel, I give grateful thanks.

  2. Why would the Russians exchange a 95 and a 90 percent odd back to back for a handful of coinflios they need to win in succession?

    That makes hardly sense. O.0
    Now does it?
    Encircling 2 cities creates a encirclement for one's own troops of sorts, rather risky business.

    The ukrainians would change 2 cauldrons for one tho so probably even riskier than the proposed Russian maneuvre. Nonetheless why would one want to overcomplicate the situation when one can just mop up one cauldron and than fan out with the fresh men?
    Rather peculiar strategy.

  3. look at adiivka- do the lpr/dpr/russians even have enough troops in the area to hold/attempt an encirclement? i was under the impression from the conversation w theti that part of the reason adiivka/mariinka are such tough fighting is the lack of troops in the area

  4. A smaller encirclement is more likely. This reminds me of 1941 when the Soviets tried way too big encirclements and failed, I think today the Russian Army would know a smaller encirclement is better as it has higher chances and less risk and once that develops it will be easier to move further. It would seem to me that the Russian Army is more methodical and sure in its movements and does not play the high risk high reward game.

  5. Welcome to WW1. Excuse sir but you'll have to debark from your vessel because we have orders to blow it up. Okay…we'll evacuate immediately. Are you sure you have enough life boats? We'll be okay just give us a minute to get off the ship…WW1

  6. Damn, 30k Ukrainian troops would be something like 10% of their entire frontline strength, wouldn't it? That's a huge loss.

    Also, do the Russians have the logistics in place for such a wide encirclement? Wouldn't they be better of with a more shallow encirclement of just Bakhmut?

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