Washington-Insider Jeffrey Sachs on US Provoking Ukraine War | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Maybe if the US and NATO had agreed not to expand into Ukraine, Russian AGGRESSION could have be avoided…but that certainly sounds like Russia's "diplomacy" involves "hostage taking" threats of military action, doesn't it?

    While arguing the lack of justification for NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union is reasonable the effort to paint Russia as a "provoked victim" doesn't hold water.

    I agree the expansion of NATO eastward raises a lot of questions of potential military aggression BUT the motivation could simply be to create alliances that prevents war.

    Yes it would be weird for Mexico to allow Russian troops on our border. That is because Mexico doesn't see the US as a hostile adversary, does it?

    When has NATO ever "moved" on any European nation as Russia has done?

    History shows Ukraine clearly had reasons to believe Russia was hostile…

    So sure US and NATO troops in Ukraine would be "provocative" but that never happened.

  2. The more I learn about US involvement in geopolitics, the more embarrassment I feel. My father was a WWll naval aviator. We would raise the American flag every day and lower it every night and my brother and I would fold it. I still have an American flag flying in my yard. I’m so disappointed in the many leaders of our great American experiment.

  3. No, it wasn't avoidable if Ukraine wanted to join NATO. You are ignoring the voice of the people when you say Ukraine must avoid NATO because some other giant empire from another country doesn't want it to join nato. The war was avoidable…. Because Russia didn't need to invade.

  4. When you say this war was avoidable by the USA not allowing Ukraine to join NATO. when Ukraine wanted to join NATO. You are right. We should have Supported Russia reaching out over their borders and harassing Ukraine into submission, like they do kazakhstan and Belarus. We should sit back and allow Russia to reach out over their borders and control other countries. Thats how this war was avoidable

  5. Jeffrey Sachs is right about Ukraine, but that doesnt mitigate his overall poisonous influence on the world and his shit-lib, neo-Marxist incompetence and stupidity.

    After all, Sachs pretty much destroyed the Russian economy in the 90s with his "disaster capitalism" and was as responsible as anyone for the rise of Putin.

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