WATCH: Shapiro Enraged By Tucker Carlson’s Israel Take | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. I find it crazier and crazier as time goes by that people like Glenn are more in agreement with guys like Tucker. If you told him this probably 15 years ago he'd laugh. This is what I live for. I've always followed him and always will as long as he values the truth more than emotions. If you read this Glenn you're a good man I hope only the best for you.

  2. My gosh, libertarians like Tucker are effing idiots. Yes, like most neo-cons, Nikki Haley might be stupid on Russia-Ukraine — because we don't have a national interest in Ukraine — but she's exactly right on Hamas. Israel is our ally and we have a national interest in destroying Islamic terrorists, not limited to Hamas. This does not REQUIRE war with Iran, but we should at least be PREPARED for it because Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism and it's inevitable that evidence for their responsibility will eventually come to light.

  3. As always in ALL the reporting NO ONE is giving a full view of the thousands upon thousands of Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israel over the past 75 years. It was Israel who started Hamas as a counterattack against the Arafat/the Palestine Liberation Army/Party. Guess who was prime minister then….yep Netanyahu. The only prime minister who has worked toward a positive 2 state solution was Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. Well, who do you think assassination him? Well here is a clue…it was NOT anyone from Hamas or Palestine. Gaza is a fenced-in, one-gate open highly guarded prison camp. Just like Auschwitz.

    Palestinians are totally controlled by Israel including Israel allowing Palestinian homes to be confiscated by Jewish "settlers" of whom 93% are US citizens. Israel is currently in violation of 1 UN law and 1 UN Security Council ruling. Yet zero in the Western press. Fortunately, men like Ben Nortan and Richard Medhurst have consistently reported on all of this factually from the view of the real family victims in all of this for decades, the Palestinian people. One God, One Abraham, One Sarah…3 religions. One Creator who placed souls in all humans….even though Israel and US leaders have referred to Palestinian people as terrorists and animals over the past several days…..versus the victims and prisoners of war they really are. The Torah is filled with what happens to the "chosen people" when they wander off from the law…..clearly years wandering the earth with no homeland, time in Egypt, and time in Babylon taught them nothing. One God for all three religions….just in case you didn't catch that earlier.

  4. I wonder about Israel needing any help with Hamas considering the amount of money and weapons provided to them over many years. We have a steady supply of created circumstances that need money and the MIC involved. How many innocent civilians need to die for the bloodthirsty pro-war among us. It's disgusting.

  5. The reason that is stupid is Trump recognized Jerusalem and the Democrats, Joe Biden, Nancy Peloi, Chuck Schumer and others and the Leftist talking heads did not like that. They are NOT 'pro-Israel'. They are pro-Money and they are going to sell "Hella Bombs' to the Israel who are not given the bombs, but BUY the bombs and other munitions and weaponry. ISRAEL IS A CLIENT STATE TO THE UNITED STATES. "I like money" says all those haters of Trump as they fake their Pro-Isarel media posture.

CCP bringing the world within one meter of a major

CCP: bringing the world within one meter of a major war! New conflict between China/the Philippines

Israel did not respond to the attack for many hours

Israel did not respond to the attack for many hours. How is this possible? (Efrat Fenigson and Bret)