Watch Wray STUNNED DUMB with ‘coming’ CHARGE after Biden’s aide admits ‘intel’s balloon mistake’

Watch Wray STUNNED DUMB with ‘coming’ CHARGE after Biden’s aide admits ‘intel’s balloon mistake’

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  1. Democrats want China to rule the US of America. That’s the Obama and Clinton plan and they are using Biden to do it! So come there is enough proof of all their lies so why? Why does it have to take so long to put theses people in prison? It takes seconds for a police officer to take down a drunk driver, drug addict, bank robber and arrest them! These people have committed the worst crime of all! They have murdered people, they have committed treason, they have broke the law in every way shape and form! None care or stand for the true Americans!

  2. I'll tell you exactly what happened folks Democrats sold out to China long time ago. All your Democrats are Chinese now they may look white and they may talk English but they're Chinese. That's why they let that damn thing fly all the way across our damn country. You moronic people think the Democrats are for the people here Jesus Christ of trying to destroy Christianity they're trying to bring every fruit cake out and make men dress up like women. If that don't tell you Democrats are out of their damn minds I don't know what else to tell you

  3. Clearly what shows is a lack of leadership now and in the recent past. The ONLY exception to that was Trump. We need what he did and was doing NOW. Thanks to the last election, America lost what was becoming a Great America. I''d like to see it return with perpetual obstruction.

  4. Anyone or company doing business with our enemy to make them rich is insubordination and treason! If your America we keep making Americans moving forward and self sustaining there are no reasons why we can't be self sufficient 😂 only corrupt woke Democrats sell us out!

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