“We Are In WW3”: The Shocking Truth About US Proxy Warfare in the Middle East and Ukraine

In this video, Kevork Almassian, the founder of Syriana Analysis, sheds light on the ongoing conflict in Syria and the recent deadly attack on a convoy carrying Iranian weapons into the country. Almanzan discusses the failed efforts of the US and its allies to remove President Bashar al-Assad through a covert operation and the imposition of sanctions on the Syrian people. He also highlights the role of the US in occupying key border crossings between Syria and its neighbors and the impact of sanctions on the availability of basic necessities, including medicine and food, in the country. Almanzan also speculates on the possible involvement of Israel in the recent drone attack on a military facility in Iran and how this might lead us into World War III…
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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. WW3 is in it's infancy at present. Here in the states we are yet to experience any major portents from it

    Inflation, rising gas prices, and uncertainty in the markets are all self-inflicted wound caused by atrocious Biden administration policy decisions.

    The United States was energy independent when Biden took office and there is nothing other than Joe Biden preventing us from our previous prosperity.

  2. YES! Thank you for calling this war for what truly is: a proxy war from US against Russia. All europeans understood that while in America the majority of people still hasn't get it. It's mindblowing to me how obvious it is starting from 2014 and CIA going in Ukraine till the blow up of the Nord Stream pipelines.

  3. When I listen what the American bullies have been doing, are doing in Syria, how they create suffering to INNOCENT PEOPLE, while pretending to be holier than GOD…. AHHHH! They deceived the world for years with the freedom and democracy candy. Here’s the problem, the ordinary American citizen doesn’t care about where their comforts come from… as long as they can enjoy their freedoms and comforts. These wolves in sheep’s clothing perfected the art of deceiving their own voters. Most Americans care less who suffered to ensure their economic wellbeing. There is a very good possibility that the American people are going to suffer unimaginably in the near future. If I was an American I honestly would move to the highest and most remote region possible, become self sustainable, fake my death so I don’t have to go and fight in a stupid war. Every person fighting in a war is as good as a THING. You are just a disposable THING. You are not a HERO. You are being USED.
    In my 60 years of life time the American psychopaths have created more suffering globally than any other country I can think of. They are ALWAYS in some country somewhere looting and stealing while justifying their psychopathic greed and confirmation of their power by using some BS excuses. Gosh, all the good people all over the world really deserve SAFETY and a PEACEFUL world where we can remember again how to be kind, helpful and supporting of all people, especially of those who can never return our kindness. The time to start HEALING ALL RELATIONSHIPS is NOW.

  4. China isn't 'going after Taiwan.' Taiwan is a rogue state as a result of the war between the Nationalists and Communists. The communists won the war, and the Nationalists ran away to an Island, that was always a part of China – before that, it was the homeland of the Indigenous peoples of Taiwan. So, the PRC is seeking to re-unify the rebel province, that has been allowed to exist in contravention of PRC law, simply because they are armed to the teeth, and are an Island. If they were not on an Island, long, long, long ago, they would've been subsumed into PRC. To defy China by supporting Taiwan to not re-unite with PRC is pure madness. Why not support and celebrate the re-unification. Why so terrified of that?

  5. Thank You for enabling Kavork to participate in your program.
    Kavork was pedagogical and informative when describing , explaining and analyzing your questions.
    He brought to light the degree of Israeli violence and its focus on civilians living in Syria while placing it in the complex context of Yankee wars and aggression against Iran, Iraq etc, etc.and the.Kurdish and Turkish
    Changing relationships vis a vis the Yankees as well as the increasing Iranian,Russian collaboration.
    It was indeed a brilliant interview.

  6. Great Interview,! Thanks! Assad is a Brit trained opthmalogist and is a less aggressive Islamic member So why is the US so opposed to him and Syria instead of being allied? . I recall the false gas attacks blamed on Syria when the attacks were false flags by a US intelligence set up, just as in the US, attacks are staged. US meddling in the Mid East has for years fostered instability instead of World Peace and Freedom. The destruction of Libya destroyed a country with probably the highest living standard in the world. Reportedly, homelessness was eliminated, Qudaffii raised literacy rate drom twenties to nineties, and the largest underground aquifer was utilized to support agriculture for food security. When he tried to unify Africa via a gold backed monetary system he was ruthlessly murdered, reportedly by impalement on a knife. After the US paid for and arranged the 2014 Ukrainian Coup where the elected president was overthrown and a puppet installed, puooet Zelenski, who you can watch in a video playing a piano with his pe_is and another video of him dancing in high heels, the US appears to be promoting war and depravity instead of democracy. But few know because the mainstream media is owned and controoed by the same psychopaths that meet in Davos and else where. We are in a war to save the Human Race and all Nature and, except for some brave Republicans, US leaders have honored Zelenski with a standing ovation. Insanity.

  7. The local conflict in Ukraine allowed the Greens (Modern Schutzstaffel) to accelerate their dream of destroying the Western industry, economy, prosperity for the sake of establishing the dictatorship of the Green elite, the maniacs. Start total armament.
    The Nazis began an accelerated transition to renewable energy. The party program (Greens) was founded by the Nazis in the Reichstag elections of 1933), Slogans of switching to wind energy and using wind to produce hydrogen.
    The catalyst for this energy revolution in the Nazi Party was an “us versus them” mentality and a fundamental reaction to the “original sin of the industrial revolution”—a revolution that vastly improved the standard of living of mankind and was made possible by coal. But when the Nazi Party fell in 1945, the Nazis and neo-Nazi environmental leaders had to find new ways to continue their "energy revolution." Later, the same party officially became the German Green Party in 1980, which led to the "greening of Germany", ultimately the "greening of Europe", and is not based on science, but on the insane green ideology of the Nazis. Its founders in 1980 were also Nazis involved in Kristallnacht.
    The leftist government of the EU, AU, let's say destroy its entire population EC, AU, with the exception of the LGBT, of course, the impact on climate change on the earth of 510.1 million km² will be zero.
    In the plans of the Green leaders of AUKUS, the destruction of industry, animal husbandry, and so on. In their opinion, this is the road to absolute power, their dictatorship.
    It is exclusively about the control of the population by the Western elite, which they tried to carry out with the help of Communism, Nazism and Socialism.

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