We Are Using Ukraine To Do WHAT?!

The award-winning journalist Aaron Maté, explains why peace talks were stopped between Russia & Ukraine. Additionally, how the US is using Ukraine to weaken Russia without a direct conflict. #Russia #Ukraine #War
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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. China definitely are trying to take over other nations, they're just more subtle. They're doing exactly what US does to poor countries in Africa. They infiltrating buy purchasing huge western business and changing the narrative like in Hollywood. But it's all subtle not like the big brash American military industrial complex.

  2. It's been know since the start of the war that Boris ended the negotiating and insisted the UK go full on war against Russia by backing the American proxy war for retaining world order and financial control to us the west, USA, UK know the world's going to have two systems at least running the world in near future,this is their attempt to stop it, unfortunately we Brits should have gone the Swiss route but we've backed a pony in America and now we will lose world order control ,Russia will beat Ukraine down and China will be head along with Russia, Brazil, Indonesia etc of another world order and new currency system

  3. It’s very strange as Ukrainian people would never ever agree on anything with Russia and if Zelenski attempted it he wouldn’t be a president for long. Don’t know why are you trying to make Russia look innocent?!!! They are killing thousands of people. If Ukraine wants to be friends with US it’s their choice not Russia’s choice

  4. You had me until he mentioned Fiona Hill(D) who is a partisan HACK whose only qualifications are hating Trump.
    Pandering to Putin's lies also discredits Aaron Mate. Hitler had excuses too… but no one trusted him after Munich and no one should've trusted Putin after the 1st Ukraine invasion in 2014 while OBAMA did NOTHING. It is NO accident Putin invaded AGAIN when Biden arrived. One final point, the only point, which proves this is all pointless.
    DemocRATS take Ukraine "AID" kickbacks… end of story.

  5. If the people rally against gates, schwab, davos and the evil elites, disregard who and big pharma, go against the cashless system and mandates, buying straight from farmers and home producers, cutting out the ripoff big business, big business strikes disrupting efficiency, and most of all praising Jesus. We'll get there. God bless everyone.

  6. Americas foreign policy is disgusting. Somebody needs to give these American politicians a bloody nose, I’ve always said if their is a nuclear war it will be America who starts it absolutely disgusting, I trust Russia more than America theirs more lies come from the White House than the Kremlin Russians are not driven by money

  7. The war in Ukraine is about 'climate change' and the NWO of global green Marxism. Russia and China are in the way. Dead Ukrainians make good optics on CNN. The Neocons have been pushing this war for years. The world is entering a sovereign debt crisis and the globalist solution is to default and 'build back better' a digital currency and implement the Great Reset.

  8. What this journalist does not consider: The world as it exists will change. DON'T think for a second that the people in charge today will be in charge tomorrow. CHANGE is a constant. The leader who follows Putin will be a lot worse. China's Xi will be replaced as well.

  9. Russel this is beyond conspiracy is a reality they are planning a world war 3 is no joke! I have started warning everyone who is really open and conscious not to create fear but prepareness unfortunately most people don’t believe it could happen; even though there is just more than obvious something is going on. I already started having this vivid dreams about a mega huge nuclear explosion in the nyc area was the worse thing I ever seen the same thing happen to me with the 911 saw the buildings going down a least few moths it happen I didn’t even know where those buildings where before and I know for sure it will be a surprise because in my dream people was truly unprepared and shock I had I ask on my dream where exactly was that place and was lower Manhattan what I saw
    was truly horrendous if that happens USA and the whole world would definitely never be the same. Funny thing is I’m doing all types of research on prophecies on my videos and I found some many correlations is not even funny any more is beyond shocking!!!

  10. I don't see giving territory to Russia as a starter for negotiation, that's what putin wants, a slow claiming of small areas until they have everything. Georgia and Crimea were the start, now we are putting our foot down. Russia started the interstate violence, and we have to end it…with violence.

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