We finally have proof they we’re putting us on “watch lists”!!!!!!


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  1. This is why people buying into "hate speech" for example are running errands, unknowingly, for the government to help errode rights like free speech. They also help crush democracy since the very core of that word means for everyone person to have a voice. They blab about democracy all the time while being the ones helping destroy it.

  2. Limbaugh began hitting this point back in 2016: He said they wanted Donald Trump's fans to observe the grief he would suffer for his attempt to upset their agenda. But their message is really for us—If you want to suffer the stuff that Trump's going through, we'll be happy to share some with you.

  3. History, as we know it, is just another part of, The Narrative. How the ancient civilizations lived: a lie. The battle of this and the war of that: a lie. The colonization of the New World: a lie. The Civil War: a lie. The Industrial Revolution, the 3rd Federal Reserve, the Great Depression, and WWI & II? Sorry, folks, but all lies. The assassination of JFK, the Cold War, the Apollo Missions, and on and on it goes — all lies! The Cult has crafted the narrative for as long as we know, and lead us to this point in history where we are finally questioning all of their lies. The CDC and the FDA want you healthy? The FBI and the CIA are there to protect Americans at home and abroad? The DNC and the RNC are part of free and fair elections? Big Tech and the MSN just want you to know the truth? Oh, please, spare me all of your lies! We the People have had enough. I don’t know if the storming of the Bastille actually happened, but I do know this, ordinary citizens everywhere are ready to storm it! WWG1WGA

  4. Lmao when I showed my daughter the list she freaked out since im on nearly all of them and shadow banned on several social media sites. Thankfully everything is being found out and shown and I'm around to watch it unravel. Can't wait to see what Else Elon happens to find. I wouldn't be surprised if they find chats proving our government was hiring ppl to act as victims of horrendous crimes over the past 5 yrs so they could pass their 2nd Amendment rewrite to ban all weapons . I'm positive that will be a backlash problem for them. Since they used Twitter for everything anyways.

  5. The thing that bugs me is that if the Bad Guys knew all this info was to emerge from a takeover power such as Elon Musk, why wouldn't they be cleaning house much sooner? And why would they not clean house when Elon declined and issued a lawsuit to not purchase Twitter in case he eventually did, which of course happened. And now all the "facts are being released" in the Twitter files. How much are we to believe or how much of this is a narrative? How many narratives do we endure before reality is skewed?

Twitter Files 10 White Houses Demanded Misinformation Censorship

Twitter Files 10: White House(s) Demanded Misinformation Censorship

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After months in Ukraine training soldiers, Ret Col Andrew Milburn of @TheMozartGroup mercenary firm gets sauced on camera & spills the beans: Ukraine is a "corrupt, fucked-up society" run by "fucked-up people" Ukrainian soldiers "kill dudes who surrendered," commit "atrocities" (